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MAY, 2019
Scotty's New Leash On Life

We are happy to announce that after months of testing, surgery and recuperating... Scotty is ready to make his adoption debut!

Thanks to Little Shelter's dedicated staff, Scotty received a new leash on life. His liver issues are now under control so he can live out his life in peace. Little Shelter’s medical staff also fixed Scotty's cherry eye which had been causing him discomfort. Now that he is feeling like a brand dog, this happy boy is ready to meet his furever family and give this story a happy tail ending.

While Scotty is busy screening applicants for his new home, Little Shelter is still in need of donations to cover his $10,000 life saving surgery.

Now Little Shelter needs YOU! Your support is what allows us to continue helping dogs like Scotty get the chance they so deserve. HELP US reach our goal by clicking on the donate button below.
May 19th
Tula Kitchen
Tula Kitchen Fundraiser To Help LittleShelter Save Lives! Happening from 12pm - 3pm. $30 per person, tickets on sale now: Call: 631-368-8770 ext. 26
May 12th
Mother's Day
Still looking to get mom the perfect gift for Mother's Day? How about a chance to WIN $25,000 cash or a NEW CLA class Mercedes-Benz. Buy mom's ticket today:
Call: 631-368-8770 ext. 26
Hope Has Been Adopted!

When Hope arrived at Little Shelter 5 years ago, she was very frightened and confused. She wouldn’t let anyone touch her and she struggled to adjust to being in a place where she had so many feline roommates. Our vet decided to help her adjust, by putting her on Prozac to help ease her anxiety. It was a slow process and our volunteers spent hours each day working to socialize Hope. 

Hope turned out to be an extremely affectionate cat, ready to prove that she could be someone's dream companion. She became famous around the cattery for jumping onto visitors' backs and riding around on their shoulder. Despite all of this, we still found her being overlooked by families. Then one day a gentleman came in looking for a special kitty of his own, and Hope jumped right onto his shoulders, nuzzling him affectionately.
He fell in love with Hope and took her home. We are so happy now that she is in her furever home where her dad has told us she has become the queen of the castle. Just goes to show, you should never give up hope…
Foster Families Needed
Little Shelter and Town of Huntington Cat Shelter are looking to expand the number of families in their foster program. Fostering is a volunteer position and is one of the most rewarding experiences. Those interested in fostering can enroll to become a registered volunteer of LittleShelter and/or Town of Huntington Cat Shelter, and have their name put on the Foster Family list.

For information, please contact 631-368-8770 Ext. 32
Meet Cody:

Cody has a personality as good as his looks - he is a little luv bug of a dog who will run right up and jump in your arms. He demands attention from everyone he meets and gives a little "huff" if you don't pet him quickly enough. Cody will come up and rub against your legs like a cat. He's also a bit of a singer and will give a little howl to get your attention.
Meet Macy:

Macy is a sweet tabby cat who always looks alittle surprised. Her funny expression only adds to her personality, as a quirky cat who singles people out that she likes and follows them like a shadow. Macy likes to stay very close to the people she bonds with and begs for affection from them. We know she's just waiting for someone special to take her home. Could it be you?
Part-Time Cattery Caretaker
If you love cats then Little Shelter’s open plan cattery is the perfect working environment for you. What better way than to spend your day working amongst more than 300 purring felines. An average day will include cleaning, feeding, snuggling, and showing cats.

The ideal candidate for this position will have a flexible work schedule with one weekend day required. Part-time positions available.
Part-Time Canine Handlers & Adoption Counselors
If you enjoy spending time with ‘man’s best friend’ then this could be the job for you! Little Shelter is looking for enthusiastic, self motivated individuals to work in our dog and adoption departments.

The ideal candidate for this position must be flexible and be able to commit to a set schedule with one weekend day required.
Must be a team player and have reliable transportation!
Learn How You Can Help Little Shelter Today
Suffolk County's first Humane Society, Little Shelter is dedicated to saving all companion animals whose lives are in jeopardy. Age, physical condition, and socialization issues are never criteria for rescuing a dog or cat whose life is in jeopardy. We rescue from kill shelters on Long Island, in New York City, and in several southern states. Located in Huntington, NY. Little Shelter is also a part of the Mayor's Alliance for NYC Animals. Learn more

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