Thursday, July 19, 2018

Big Things Happen At Little Shelter : July Newsletter

July, 2018
It's So Good To See You!

Pasta is an adorable 4 year old Cockapoo mix who arrived to Little Shelter eager to make friends and enjoy life. This young dog thinks the entire world is full of friends and toys for him to play with, there’s just one thing – he can’t see it.

Pasta has cataracts leaving him only able to see shadows. While his condition doesn't slow him down, it does limit him from being able to do certain things and makes him more prone to potential injury as he can't see where he's going.

However Little Shelter’s medical staff believe there is a strong chance for him to have his vision back if his retinas work and the cataracts are removed.

Pasta is currently going to a specialist who has determined his retinas are functional. Now we know he can receive the life changing surgery to regain his vision. Pretty soon Pasta will not only hear the world around him, he will be able to see it.

Pasta needs your help, Little Shelter is in need of donations to cover his testing, surgery and recovery. The cost of testing and surgery is $5,000. Please donate to Pasta’s surgery fund today and help change his life forever. 
July 22nd
The Return Of Barkin' Brunch
Join Little Shelter at The Refuge onJuly 22nd for the return of Barkin' Brunch. Come meet some of our adoptable dogs and enjoy food drinks, raffles, prizes and more... Learn More
July 28th
Christmas In July
Join Santa at Little Shelter on July 28th from Noon to 3pm. Santa is making a special appearance to have your furry family member's photo taken with him. Learn More
It’s always a great day when we see one of our silver senior companions get adopted, but in an incredible turn of events, two friends Benji and Snowy were adopted together. The two arrived at Little Shelter from different backgrounds and became buddies during their time here.

One day in June a previous adopter came into Little Shelter looking for someone special. Having recently lost their dog, they decided they wanted to adopt a senior in need of a loving home. When they saw Benji they fell in love, as he eagerly greeted them for affection. The counselors mentioned Benji had a friend named Snowy who he was very close with and the family asked to meet Snowy as well. It didn’t take long for the family to decide they couldn’t separate the two friends.

We are so happy for Benji, Snowy, and their new family! We have heard the duo have already settled in nicely to their new home and get along with their new furry sister.

Meet Damascus the 5 year old Chow mix! He has been a resident of Little Shelter since March 2017 and is still waiting to find his furever family of his own. He is an energetic boy who loves going on walks in the woods. He enjoys large toys and ball which he can play with by himself.  In the winter this big guy likes to romp around in the snow and "catch" snow balls.

Want someone who will always greet you when you come home?

Meet Liberty, Little Shelter's waiving cat. He loves to greet visitors at Little Shelter Cattery by waiving at them. Liberty will also give head butts and loves receiving affection.

This sweet and outgoing kitty gets along with other cats, children and would be great for almost any household. Come into Little Shelter and ask to meet Liberty today.

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