Monday, July 2, 2018

Are You And Your Furry Companion Ready For The Summer Heat?

Summer Fun Time Is Here! Make Sure You And Your Furry Friends Are Ready For A Good Time

Summer is a great time for pet owners and pets alike to get outside and be more active. There are many places that are becoming more welcoming to our four legged friends, making it easier to take them with us. However, there are some precautions every pet owner should take during the summer to make sure they stay safe.

If you're headed to the beach (or anywhere) with the pup in the car, get all shopping done prior to them coming with you. In the summer heat, dangerous temperatures occur in a vehicle. If you need to get something for your trip, try to find a market that has a drive thru. 

Sun & Surf! 
Believe it or not some dogs can get sunburned, especially on their nose. This is something to keep in mind while spending the day at the beach. Many dogs like jumping through the waves, but the blazing sun can do real damage to their skin. Fortunately, there are a few doggie sunscreens on the market in a variety of different applications.

Keep Off The Road!
If you normally walk/run on the road, try to find hiking trails instead. The woods will provide shade and will be cooler than running in direct sun and the dirt trails are better for paw pads. If you do go running on the asphalt,
test the temperature first to make sure your dog won't get burns on his paw pads.
Stand barefoot on the asphalt in direct sun, if it's too hot for you to walk comfortably barefoot, it's too hot for the dog. (This test should also be done before allowing kitty outside if you have an indoor/outdoor cat.)
*Also, make sure to take water along, when ever you stop to rest allow puppy to drink.

Keep Off The Grass!
When walking your dog, keep them off neighbor's yards. During this time of year many people put down fertilizer and pesticides that are toxic to our beloved pets. This especially applies to anyone who has an indoor/outdoor cat. Kitty is always safer being kept inside. 

Warm Winter Means Many Ticks!
We have been receiving many reports of tick infestations on cats and dogs who stay outside too long or wander into the woods and tall grass. If you pet is not already on a flea & tick regiment, talk to your Vet about what is the right treatment for you beloved friend. After walks, especially in grassy or wooded areas you should check your dog for ticks even if they have preventative on.

Watch For Puddles!
During the hot months a lot of cars can leak fluids from overheating or expanding. Unfortunately, dogs and cats both find the taste of antifreeze to be sweet and might try to drink it. Antifreeze is highly toxic if ingested so make sure you keep a watch on your dog and any puddles they might try to drink from.

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