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November, 2017
Stories With Happy Endings Are The Best...
Paul - Rescued From The Korean Dog Meat Industry  
Has Been Adopted!
Paul arrived as part of a rescue transport alongside 9 other dogs who narrowly escaped the Korean Dog Meat Industry. While the other dogs quickly found their families and were adopted out, Paul was a different story. From the moment he arrived at Little Shelter, we knew he would need a lot of help. Paul would hide in the back of his cage, couldn't be walked on a leash, avoided human contact and would shake out of fear. Who could blame him, knowing everything he had been through.  
Through months of working with Paul our dedicated staff saw this dog transform. He could be walked on a leash, would come to your hand for treats and even allow his favorite staff to pet him. One thing staff took note of was that he did really well with other dogs and seemed to be calmed by having another dog around him. It was decided that he would need to be adopted by someone who currently had a dog to act as a companion and guide for him.  
A friend of Little Shelter heard Paul's story and fell in love, already having a young dog that really wanted a friend, it seemed like a perfect match. Soon Paul was on his way home with his new family including a furry sibling named Nala who was eager to play. We are so happy for Paul that he found his happy ending and we can't wait to hear of what great adventures he has in his new home.   
What's Happening At Little Shelter...
Rock & Keys

A Tale of Two Friends...  

Meet Rock and Keys, Little Shelter's own dynamic duo! After 10 years of being together in the same home, sadly these best buds found themselves in a local shelter with nobody but themselves. They had spent every day together and for the first time in their lives faced being separated, or worse. Little Shelter knew they couldn't let their story end that way. We stepped in and brought both Rock and Keys to safety, promising to try and find them a home together.

Rock has showed us that he in an energetic, friendly and outgoing Poodle mix who is always ready to make a new friend and get extra treats. Keys likes to let Rock hog all the lime light but steals attention by curling up in her person's lap or nuzzling your hand for pets. She is a very outgoing kitty who comes when she's called and seeks affection. The two are perfect compliments of each other and provide each other with companionship and a playmate. Little Shelter is looking for a special family who will adopt the two together so they can spend their golden years in each other's company. Could you be that special family?
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Best Of Long Island 2018 Voting Now Open!   

The 2018 Best of Long Island awards are here and Little Shelter has been nominated for BEST Animal Rescue and BEST Animal Shelter. Show your support by logging on every day from October 1st until December 15th and casting your vote!  Click Here To VOTE Now.

Little Shelter Coordinates Lifesaving Rescue For 29 Dogs From Devastated Areas   

An emergency transport arrived late October to Little Shelter with 29 dogs from Texas. These dogs were transported due to the need for space in over-inundated shelters still handling the thousands of displaced pets from the wake of hurricane destruction.

The dogs will be in quarantine for the next couple of weeks where they can relax after their trying ordeal and receive the best medical attention and individualized care that Little Shelter is known for. With more transports underway, Little Shelter is in need of your help! Your donations help cover the cost of transport, medical attention, food, treats and toys, beds and everything needed to prepare these dogs (and more) for loving homes.

Please donate today as we continue our relief efforts down south and beyond. Our friends need our help as more dogs and cats are brought to the shelters every day. Little Shelter is dedicated to helping animals in need and will continue transports over the next couple of months.
November Is Adopt A Senior Pet Month   

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks! Little Shelter has many wonderful senior dogs and cats available to loving homes. Just because they may have a little grey on the muzzle doesn't mean their to old to cuddle. Many senior animals are still very active enjoying playing with toys, going for long walks, rolling in cat nip and many other fun things. Thinking of adopting? Consider one of Little Shelter's many seniors as your new best friend.
Join Us For A Little Shelter Event!
Reserve Your Spot For Pictures With Santa
Join us Saturday, November 18th and 25th for Photos With Santa at Community Pet Shop. From 11am-5pm bring your furry friend down to have their photo taken for the purrfect Christmas card. Space for this event is limited so call and reserve your slot today!

 Call: Community Pet Shop at 631-421-0088 and reserve your spot today!
This Month's Adoption Spotlight:
Meet Brynn!

Brynn is a happy girl who is generally laid back and easy going. She likes to take leisurely walks around Little Shelter, but also gets burst of energy where she wants to play. When running around in the dog pens, Brynn enjoys playing fetch with stuffies the staff throws for her. She loves to horde tennis balls, always attempting to fit as many as she can in her mouth. The rest of the time, Brynn is a couch potato who enjoys cuddling. 
Meet Knickerbocker!
This cute kitty is Knickerbocker, and he's one of the luckiest cats you'll meet! A Good Samaritan saw this poor little kitty get tossed out of a vehicle and contacted Little Shelter, where he has now been a resident for 3 years. Knickerbocker now seeks out affection from people and mews for attention. His favorite thing is to be held and cuddled. Help us give a happy ending to Knickbocker's journey and call to adopt him today!
Little Shelter Opportunities:
Upcoming Little Shelter Events!
November Events Schedule

11/18: Photos With Santa, Community Pet Shop, Huntington, 11am-5pm

11/25: Photos With Santa, Community Pet Shop, Huntington, 11am-5pm

(click here or on calendar for details)

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