Friday, October 20, 2017

Special Home Needed!

Life Is Twice As Much Fun When You Always Have Someone To Play With!Could yours be that special home?
We always read about dynamic duo's of cats and dogs who face the world together. From the beautiful friendship in Milo & Otis to the shenanigans between Garfield and Odie. This classic dog and cat duo relationship continues to play out in our media and in our hearts. While these heartwarming stories provide us great entertainment, even more heartwarming is when these stories are based on true animals...

Meet Rock and Keys, Little Shelter's own dynamic duo! After 10 years of being together in the same home, sadly these best buds found themselves in a local shelter with nobody but themselves. They had spent every day together and for the first time in their lives faced being separated, or worse. Little Shelter knew they couldn't let their story end that way. We stepped in and brought both Rock and Keys to safety, promising to try and find them a home together.

When they first arrived it was obvious the duo had been through a lot, both had their fur in shambles and their teeth were in bad condition requiring extreme dental work. They were scheduled for their surgeries on the same day, which was unintentional but somehow fitting... The dynamic duo who had done everything together for 10 years would continue to be together.

Rock has showed us that he in an energetic, friendly and outgoing Poodle mix who is always ready to make a new friend and get extra treats. Keys likes to let Rock hog all the lime light but steals attention by curling up in her person's lap or nuzzling your hand for pets. She is a very outgoing kitty who comes when she's called and seeks affection. The two are perfect compliments of each other and provide each other with companionship and a playmate.
Little Shelter is looking for a special family who will adopt the two together so they can spend their golden years in each other's company. Could you be that special family?

If you would be interested in adopting Rock and Keys, please contact Little Shelter today.
Call: 631-368-8770 for more information on this dynamic duo.

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