Tuesday, October 24, 2017

RESCUE ALERT - 29 Dogs Arrive To Little Shelter As Relief Efforts Continue!

Little Shelter Coordinates Lifesaving Rescue For 29 Dogs From Devastated Areas

Over the past weekend an emergency transport arrived to Little Shelter with 29 dogs from Texas. These dogs were transported due to the need for space in over-inundated shelters still handling the thousands of displaced pets from the wake of hurricane destruction. The dogs arrived early Sunday morning where they were greeted by Little Shelter staff.

The dogs will be in quarantine for the next two weeks where they can relax after their trying ordeal and receive the best medical attention and individualized care that Little Shelter is known for. With more transports underway, Little Shelter is in need of your help! Your donations help cover the cost of transport, medical attention, food, treats and toys, beds and everything needed to prepare these dogs (and more) for loving homes.

Please donate today as we continue our relief efforts down south and beyond. Our friends need our help as more dogs and cats are brought to the shelters every day. Little Shelter is dedicated to helping animals in need and will continue transports over the next couple of months as devastated areas begin to rebuild and contain the situation. CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOW

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