Monday, July 3, 2017

This 4th Of July, Make Sure Your Pets Are Safe

This 4th Of July, Make Sure Your Pets Are Safe

4th of the July is a fun holiday for friends and family to get together and celebrate the independence of our country. From BBQs to firework displays there are many iconic festivities throughout the day. However, not all our family members do well with the excitement. Here are a few tips to help keep your pets safe:

  • Keep your cats inside! This is a very scary night for them with lights and sounds going on from
    parties and fireworks, and from the additional traffic of people coming and going. Kitty is safer being kept in the house than let outside to wander around.
  • Most dogs and cats do not appreciate fireworks and there are always a few horror stories around this time of year. Please keep your dog inside a room where they can feel safe, with toys and treats. Try turning on soothing music and the AC to help drown out the noise of the fireworks.
  • CHECK ON YOUR PET often. Make sure they have food and water at all times.
  • For dogs who do not mind fireworks, it is still much safer for them inside! Especially if you plan to set off fireworks yourself. You do not want your dog to “retrieve” the funny looking stick with a lit fuse…
  • BBQ food is great, but not so great for puppy and kitty, some meats contain seasoning that is toxic to our pets such as garlic, onions and hot peppers. Even a hamburger can give our pets a stomach ache due to the grease and fat. Try to refrain from giving your pet human snacks. (No matter how much they beg!)
  • Make sure you have a current good quality color picture of your pet and additional photos of any identifiable markings. Accidents happen and the better the photo, the more likely someone is to spot your dog or cat if they get out.
  • Make sure your pets have collars on with current ID tags and that their microchips are up to date. Should your pet get out, notify the company who the microchip is registered with. Also if you adopted from a rescue, contact the rescue group to notify them of the situation.

Stay Safe And Have Fun!!!

Happy 4th of July from Little Shelter!

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