Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Lang The Playful Shih-Tzu With A Life Threatening Condition

At Only Two And Half Years Old Little Lang Had Already Gone Through More Hardship Than Most Dogs Do Their Entire Lives...
Despite being dumped in a shelter at a young age, this boy is the embodiment of happiness! When Lang first arrived to Little Shelter he was a mess of mats and dirty fur from which big excited eyes popped through. He was full of energy and couldn't wait to make new friends to play with, quickly resulting in all the staff falling in love with him.

Lang had come from a local town shelter that had reached out to us for help. They knew he was very ill and needed someone who could take care of his special needs. That's when Little Shelter stepped in to take him knowing what fate would have for him if we didn't. Test revealed that he had a liver shunt (a vein that bypasses blood to the liver, preventing the liver from purifying the blood) and toxicity was building in his body. If left untreated, Lang's life would be dramatically shortened - he could die at any moment.

(Click Here To Watch Lang Playing)
(Click Here To Watch Lang Playing)
Lang loves to play tag and chases after staff members only to ram head first into their legs and then tip over like a lamb. It's Hard to believe this young dog that is so exuberant is dealing with a life threatening condition that should have left him listless of spirit. - Little Shelter was going to save him, no matter what it took.

He has now had surgery to fix the shunt and is recovering. The next couple of weeks will be crucial to his recover and determining his future. The bill has come back to us and Lang's surgery cost is $7,500. We are asking for your help, please donate today to Lang's care.
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Lang will now be able to live a long life as a normal dog, where he can frolic and play with friends without the fear of his body shutting down on him. It is with your continued support that we are able to help Lang and other dogs like him.

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