Thursday, May 25, 2017

She Can't Smile Without You... Help Mia Today

After being returned to the shelter, Mia's troubles were far from over. A serious mouth infection is causing her pain. With your help Mia can get the surgery she needs to smile again.

Mia is a beautiful white and grey fluffy cat around 6 years old. She's very soft and will mew for attention when you call her name. Sadly, after being adopted as a kitten she was recently returned to Little Shelter loosing the only family she has ever known. Poor Mia's troubles didn't end there, as her mouth has been causing her great discomfort.

Mia had always been a happy cat, but when she started acting out of character: swatting, hissing, avoiding affection; her concerned family took her to the vet. The vet revealed that her gums were infected and that she needed to have many of her teeth removed, a surgery her family could not afford. With finances tight and a new baby on the way, the family was running out of options.

Little Shelter is committed to the care of their cats and we did not hesitate to take Mia back in when the family contacted us. We would never leave this poor girl behind, especially when she was down on her luck. After a visit with our own vet to confirm the diagnoses, Mia is scheduled for surgery to remove her bad teeth and alleviate her pain. Little Shelter is currently asking for donations to help cover the $1,500 cost to help Mia smile again. She is expected to recover and be available for adoption shortly afterwards.
You can help Mia smile again by donating today! Click Here To Donate

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