Saturday, May 27, 2017

Safety Tip From Little Shelter For Memorial Day Weekend

 Safety Tips From Little Shelter 

For Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend is a fun time for many families. The weather is beginning to feel like summer, people began breaking out the BBQ and even opening the pool. While we hope you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend festivities, Little Shelter would like to offer some tips on how to keep your furry loved ones safe this weekend.

  • While Fido might be giving you the sad puppy eyes while your at the grill, refrain from giving him a "treat". Many of the meats we enjoy grilling are seasoned with things like garlic and onion which are toxic to pets. Also a lot of these foods are greasy and can cause problems for a dogs stomach. Grapes, a staple in fruit salad are also very toxic to cats and dogs.
  • Leave your dog home if your going out to see fireworks! The noise can be very frightening to them causing them to pant excessively, hide, and shake. Make sure they have a safe space to retreat to and give them some of their favorite treats.
  • Don't pull a Beethoven! While the scene of giving a dog beer might have been funny in the movies, alcohol is actually very toxic to both dogs and cats. Make sure drinks are kept out of reach and any spills are cleaned up quickly.
  •  It's hot out there! Make sure your pets have continuous access to fresh water and cool shelter. Dogs who are enjoying the party outside should have a shady place with a full water bowl where they can relax. Even if your dog likes being outside, make sure to make them go inside to cool in the AC from time to time to prevent heat exhaustion.
  • Check your fences and gates BEFORE opening the backdoor. Fence latches easily pop open or guest can forget to close them leading to a dog accidentally getting out. If your having a lot of company, put signs up on both sides of the gate to notify visitors that the gate must remain closed.
  • Keep the cat inside this weekend. If you do have an indoor/outdoor cat, it would be better to have them stay in this weekend. The increased traffic, fireworks, and visitors can confuse and disorient a cat resulting in them getting lost or injured.
  • Watch the fire! Candles, open fire pit, BBQ, sparkles, matches, fuel, ect... These are all things you want to make sure are out of your pets reach. Dogs can chew on matches and accidentally start a fire, or get their tails burned in a fire pit. A happy wag or clumsy pup could knock over a lit candle. Make sure anything with an open flame is guarded from the dog and anything they could chew on is out of reach.
  • Streamers, ribbons, and other party favors... Should again be kept out of reach as animals may chew on them and could potentially cause a blockage in the intestines.

From all of us at Little Shelter, we hope you have a happy and safe Memorial Day!

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