Wednesday, May 3, 2017

No Cat Left Behind - Microchip Saves Two Lives!

Thanks To A Microchip, Two Cats Surrendered In Tennessee Found Their Way Back To Little Shelter

Chester (left) Lucy (right)

Microchips for cats and dogs are becoming more of a standard practice with shelters. Little Shelter being a leader in its community has been microchipping all their adoptable animals for over a decade. If a cat or dog is ever turned into a shelter, Little Shelter is notified that their animal is there and we can go and recover them.

Being located in Huntington, you can imagine how surprised Little Shelter was to get a phone call from a shelter in Tennessee saying they had two of our cats! After being surrendered they were traced back to us thanks to the microchip both cats had. When asked if we would take the cats, Chester and Lucy back, of course Little Shelter said YES!

Arrangements were made for them to fly from Tennessee to New York where Little Shelter Vet-Tech Maryann and Volunteer Andrea would meet the cats at the gate. While it took about two weeks to get everything ready, the cats were soon on their way back.
These two cats arrived late one evening and spent the night relaxing at our volunteer's home before completing their journey to Little Shelter. Just as soon as they were let out of their crates, the two made themselves right at home! 
"It was almost impossible for me to bring them back to Little Shelter. In one night we bonded so much, it felt like they were my cats." - Andrea, Little Shelter Volunteer

After a night of cuddles, Chester and Lucy made their way back to Little Shelter Tuesday afternoon where they were warmly greeted by the staff. We are happy to say that both cats are happy and healthy kitties who enjoy getting affection and are eagerly awaiting being adopted.
This just goes to show how important microchipping is, even across state lines a lost animal can be reunited with their family or in this case returned to the rescue group committed to them. As for Chester and Lucy, they are available for adoption and we would love to keep these two together as they have known each other their entire lives. 

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