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Big Things Happen At Little Shelter - May 2017 Newsletter

Big Things Happen At Little Shelter! - May 2017 

Stories With Happy Endings Are The Best... 

Little Shelter's Adoption Of The Month: Tigger!

Some of you might remember the campaign we did back in February to help find Tigger a loving home. He arrived to Little Shelter with his two brothers when his owner passed away and there was no one to care for them. They had been adopted out as kittens many years ago and meant everything to their owner.
When they first arrived back at Little Shelter, the two brothers were very scared. Tigger would sit with them, purring and comforting them. He truly was their little hero as he assured his brothers everything was going to be okay. Within a few days the other two came out of hiding and following Tigger's lead, they all proved to be very friendly, cuddly cats.
We are happy to announce that in April, Tigger found his forever home and hero! Kurt and his mother came into Little Shelter looking for an adult kitty to adopt. When they met Tigger it was love at first sight and it was obvious Tigger felt the same. When they heard Tigger's story they knew that he had to be the one.
Shortly after being put in our free roaming cattery, one of the brothers was adopted and the other adjusted to life at Little Shelter. Now Tigger was able to grieve for the loss of his owner and everything he had ever known. Sadly he began to loose weight because he refused to eat. We began to campaign his story in hopes we may find him a loving home, he needed a hero of his own to save him.

Since he went home, Tigger has not left Kurt's side and the two have become the best of friends. Tigger will sit and listen to Kurt play guitar, snuggle with him every night in the bed and is always ready for cuddles. Tigger also has a kitty sibling in his new home that he has become very attached too. We could not be happier for Tigger, Kurt and the whole family!

What's Happening At Little Shelter...

Thank You Volunteers! - Volunteer Appreciation Day

On April 29th, Little Shelter held our annual Volunteer Appreciation Day. This special day is dedicated to those who have put in so much of themselves into the shelter. There is always someone to help take cats and dogs to an event or to the vet, to walk and socialize, from helping with repairs around the shelter to helping at events. Our volunteers go above and beyond for the well being of the animals and the big things that happen here would not be possible without them.

This year Little Shelter Volunteers were presented with special t-shirts that have the 90 years logo and enjoyed an afternoon buffet. For volunteers who have been with Little Shelter 15+ years, a dedication brick was made in their name for our new "walk of fame" to be unveiled this summer. Thank you to all our Volunteers for everything you do for the shelter and for the animals.

30 Dogs Rescued From Death Row

A transport of 30 dogs at risk for euthanasia were taken from multiple high-kill shelters in Texas and arrived to safety at Little Shelter on Sunday May, 7th. The dogs were transported in a vehicle caravan across states through Little Shelter's Passage To Freedom program. The dogs reached Little Shelter just after 9am Sunday morning where they were welcomed by Little Shelter Vet-techs and staff.

Little Shelter's Dog Program Manager is personally overseeing the operation to ensure that the dogs reach their destination safely. The dogs are of various breed mixes, range in size from 8 to 25 lbs, and age from 8 months to 9 years old. Many of these dogs are expected to be available for adoption after a brief quarantine period.  

Hamilton's Surgery Update

 Hamilton the sweet 8 year old Pitbull Mix has just had his final surgery! He arrived to Little Shelter with tow damaged Crucriate Ligaments in his hind legs that required surgery for repair. Hamilton is now happily resting after his last surgery to repair his other back leg. He will need a couple of months to recuperate and physical therapy before he will be able to walk with his full weight on his hind legs. You can read more about Hamilton by checking out our youcaring campaign and make a donation towards the cost of his care.
Find out more by clicking here.

Join Us For A Little Shelter Event!

Tickets on sale NOW! Little Shelter's exciting Mercedes-Benz Raffle is back and you have a chance to win $25K or a NEW CLA Mercedes-Benz. ONLY 600 tickets are available and one ticket is guaranteed to win! Tickets are $100 and all proceeds go directly to the dogs and cats of Little Shelter, so you can't loose.

-Mother's Day is right around the corner and a Mercedes-Benz raffle ticket makes a perfect gift to fit in her card to say I Love You!

Call: Arleen at 631-368-8770 ext. 26 or
Print out your entry form by clicking here.

Little Shelter Opportunities:

NOW HIRING Full-Time Veterinarian!

Little Shelter Animal Rescue is looking to hire a full time vet to work at our shelter. Candidates should be able to perform spays and neuters and other minor surgeries in our surgical room. For more info and if interested please email resume and salary requirements to:

This Month's Adoption Spotlight:
Gracie...A Dogs Journey Home
Gracie...A Dogs Journey Home (click image for video)
Meet Gracie!

Meet Gracie a 5 year old Spitz mix rescued from Thailand! Watch her story from rescue to learning "how to dog", and help us spread her story so she can find her one and only family! (click here for more info)
Fran Swan
Meet Fran Swan!
This beautiful young lady is Fran Swan, who came to little shelter in 2011. Fran is a little shy at first but with a little patience, you'll find she's extremely affectionate and playful. Come meet this young green eyed beauty today! (click here for more info)

Upcoming Little Shelter Events!

May Events Schedule

5/18: A Rescue Runway Fashion Show, Plainview
5/20: Sachem Library Pet Expo, Sachem
5/20: LI Kennel Club, Bethpage
5/21: LI Kennel Club, Bethpage

(click here or on calendar for details)

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