Friday, March 24, 2017

You Can Help Vino And His Friends Walk Again! ...Click Here To Find Out How

 Little Shelter rescues 3 dogs with broken legs who were faced with euthanasia...

Three dogs that were turned in as strays into a town shelter were limping and showing other signs of having broken legs. Due to the number of dogs that come through this municipal shelter on a daily basis, the dogs were each at risk for euthanasia. Knowing the dogs had only a few hours to escape their fate, one of the staff members reached out to Little Shelter to see if we could take the dogs.


Upon hearing the dogs' plight, Little Shelter agreed to take all three dogs right away. The dogs are all young and have a long life ahead of them. We couldn't allow their life to get cut short from something that could be treated. The dogs are already being scheduled to see the Medical Director to decide the best course of action to heal their legs.


Little Shelter is currently collecting donations to help cover the cost of their surgeries.  While we don't know their past, we are committed to giving these dogs a better future and with a speedy recovery they will be ready to find a furever family in no time.
If you would like to Donate to their recovery fund, please follow the link below.
Click Here To Make A Donation

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  1. and follows his favorite people around like a dog, he spent the next 8 years as a resident of Little Shelter. He is very happy at Little Shelter and easily made friends with staff and cats. learn more