Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Small Dogs Available Now!

Looking for a small dog? 

Little Shelter has many small dogs available for adoption now!

Many small dogs have very strong personalities and are better suited for quiet, adult homes. Small dogs can be a little bit more sensitive to change than some larger breeds and can get easily stressed or over stimulated. Small dogs do make great companion animals but it’s important to take things at the dogs pace to gain their trust. Most small dogs tend to bond with someone better when you are willing to wait for them to come to you, rather than forcing your affection on them. 

Here at Little Shelter we have some wonderful small companion dogs waiting for their furever homes. Each one has their own personality and needs, read bellow about each of these special pups:


Rio is a 7 year old silver Yorkie with a lot of energy. He never seems to tire when on walks and loves to romp around and explore. He is playful and likes to chase after squeaky toys and balls, but he’s not always good at giving them back. Rio is a boy who likes to go and do his own thing but when he’s bonded to someone, he will sit in their lap or next to them. He needs someone who can work with him and teach him manners and house breaking, but understands he does have a short attention span. He is vocally opinionated and would not be suitable for an apartment living. He would be the perfect walking buddy and a great companion who will keep you laughing with his silly antics, such as dancing on his hind legs for treats. Rio has made a few doggie friends at Little Shelter and could go home with another dog after meeting them.


This handsome boy is Clancy, a 10 year old Lhasa Apso with an adorable snaggle-toothed smile and spunky personality. He does take a while to warm up to new people, but for those who will work with him, they will have the most loyal companion out there. Once he bonds to someone, his eyes light up when he sees them and he gets a burst of puppy energy! He loves going on short runs, bounding up and down like a little deer and he will playfully paw at your legs for attention. Clancy is looking for someone to spend the rest of his life with and to be their one and only fur baby. He is extremely loyal to the people he loves and likes to put on a show! He will prance on his hind legs, spin in circles and bound across the yard, all for your attention. If he sounds like the guy for you, come to Little Shelter and meet Clancy today.


Meet Doris the senior mini pin, she is 12 years old and a total mush for attention! Doris can be a little shy when first meeting someone new, but once she has bonded to someone she can only be described as extremely loving. To her, the whole world revolves around her person and she will do anything to get their affection. She loves to spend the day sleeping in the lap of someone she’s close to or otherwise sleeping next to them. Doris loves going on short walks and being able to explore her surroundings. Doris does require some special accommodations in a home as she sometimes has accidents when she stands up. A potential adopter would need to be okay with putting her in doggie diapers or providing her with a home environment with the understanding that accidents will happen. Her favorite thing is her lambie which she is pictured laying on. She loves lambie more than any dog bed and can be usually found curled up on it. Doris is looking for a forever home that understands her needs and someone that she can spend the rest of her golden years with.


Katy is a very special little Chihuahua with a very peculiar quirk, she purrs like a cat! When this little girl is nestled in your lap (her favorite spot!) and enjoying being pet, you will hear a low growl coming from her. After the first couple of times this happened, we realized this was her way of showing happiness. She will stay in your lap for hours just “purring” as you pet her and taking chew treats from your hand. She can be a bit overprotective of whoever’s lap she is laying in, so it’s best to let others know not to pet her when someone is holding her. She needs someone who understands to go slow with her and gain her trust. Once she’s bonded to you she can be a total mush who goes belly up for tummy rubs or will jump in your lap for cuddles!


When you first see Pebbles running around chasing toys, you would find it hard to believe this little Shih-Tzu is 10 years old. She is a spunky girl who has a high level of energy and loves going for brisk walks or chasing toys. She can be a bit picky with whom she bonds too, but if she does bond to you, she is extremely loving and cuddly. She can be a little protective of her food or toys when she doesn’t know someone very well, but is fine with sharing once she trusts you. If you’re looking for a lovely lady to make you smile, come to Little Shelter and meet Pebbles today.


Gyro is a 5 year old Chihuahua mix who is a sweet boy but really needs someone who can work with him on trusting others. He likes to sit on laps and enjoys belly rubs but can easily become nervous if scared. He needs someone who can work with him on basic training and teach him that it’s okay to share with others. When he likes someone, he can be very playful and has a lot of energy to chase toys or go on walks. He needs a quiet adult household where he can feel safe and relaxed with someone who will train him to have good manners.

Call Little Shelter for more information on each of the dogs listed above, our knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can also come down to Little Shelter and request to meet them.

Call: 631-368-8770 
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