Thursday, September 1, 2016

Reasons Why A Senior Dog Should Be Your New Best Friend

A senior dog can be one of the best friends you will ever have in your life. There are many reasons to adopt a senior dog. Here are just some of the reasons you might want to consider adding the love of a senior dog to your life!

Senior dogs can make for some of the best snugglers! Most of the time a senior dog spends their days (and nights) curled up somewhere comfortable. Of course there is nothing more comfortable than mom or dad’s bed! Gentle and mellow, a senior dog is great to lie in bed with and watch movies or snuggle up on a cold night to keep warm. 

The advantage to a senior dog is that in behavior, what you see is what you get. Rather than worry about behavior issues with a young dog, a senior dog shows pretty much who they are when you meet them. There are no surprises with a senior dog and when adopting you will already know what kind of temperament they have. There is also no guessing what size the dog will grow up to be as they are already full grown. Many times seniors are already house broken and have settled down from their puppy behaviors such as the infamous “chewing” phase.

Another advantage many senior dogs have over puppies is there is no getting up every couple of hours throughout the night to let the dog out. A senior dog loves their sleep and will sleep throughout the night without a problem. This means you get a better night’s sleep too.  Being most senior dogs are already house broken and don’t have to go as frequently as a puppy, they allow for more flexibility with your daily schedule as well.

Also don’t forget that picture perfect face! There is just something about a grey muzzle that screams adorable and senior dogs are some of the most photogenic pets you can have. Not to mention, a senior dog will be less distracted and more likely to stay put while you capture that perfect image.
All that said…

Meet Blanche the super sweet senior Pointer. She is definitely one of the good ol’ gals and takes life at her own pace. She loves going on short walks or spend time trotting around the yard. However, she does tire quickly and will spend the rest of her day sleeping. We can tell she dreams, often when you pass her kennel you will see her hind legs quivering and her front legs pawing at something only she can see. 
Maybe she’s dreaming of running through a meadow with her new family?

Blanche is very sweet and enjoys being able to spend time with the staff and volunteers, her face lights up anytime someone comes in to sit with her. She loves getting her head scratched, her favorite spot is under the chin! She is very food motivated and will follow you anywhere for a treat. 

The girl is looking for a loving family that will be with her through her golden years. She has a lot of love to give and is waiting for the right person to share it with. Come to Little Shelter and meet Blanche today!

 Little Shelter
 33 Warner Rd
Huntington, NY 11743

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