Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Happy Tale of Tails... Jerry & Carvel Go Home!

“Boys will be boys no matter how old they get and these two share the story of a life time. At 10 years old, these two little chihuahuas have spend their entire life together. From early days of puppy hood, to being men in their prime, they have been by each others side. Now in their golden years, as grumbly ol' men they suddenly found themselves at Little Shelter when their owner could no longer care for them. This odd couple is always there for each other, they eat together, walk together and sleep together...”

Some of you might remember this excerpt from the story Little Shelter posted a few weeks ago about our two lovable chihuahuas Jerry & Carvel. I'm very happy to announce that their story got it's happy ending!

After being at Little Shelter for a couple of months, Jerry & Carvel were whisked away off into the sunset to their furever home this past weekend. As the celebration and festivities carried on at Little Shelter's 89th Anniversary this past Sunday, an even bigger celebration was going on inside the adoption office. A family who are long time friends and supporters of Little Shelter, came in to ask about Jerry and Carvel after hearing their story. Then before anyone knew it, the dynamic duo were off to their new home. We can not think of a better way to celebrate the anniversary of Little Shelter than a happy ending to their story. Everyone at Little Shelter wishes the best for these precious boys and their new family, may there be many happy days ahead of you!

We want to thank everyone who liked and shared their story, it is because YOU that their furever family found them. Thank you!

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