Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Cake Kittens Have Returned! And They Are Ready For Their New Homes!

Hello everyone,
Huge status update for you! Some of you might remember back in October we were collecting donations on a litter of kittens that we got from a town shelter right before their time was up. We lovingly call them the “Cake Kittens”.

Well, the kittens are now back at Little Shelter and ready for adoption! They have spent the past months in private foster getting bigger and stronger, while getting medical treatment. Swill Roll, our little black kitten is still waiting to have his bad eye removed as right now he's too small for surgery.

As a special thanks to everyone who donated for these little guy's care and to get you all excited, I have some sneak peak photos of the kittens. Now that they are ready for adoption, I don't think they'll be here long. All the kittens are extremely friendly, playful and affectionate.

The Cake Kittens 

 Cloud Cake (M)

Ring Ding (F)

 Swiss Roll (M)

 Zebra Cake (F)

Thank you to everyone who donated to help these kittens! Your donations really do make a difference. The kittens are eagerly awaiting for there new families to come in and bring them home, call the cattery today to come in and see them!

Little Shelter Animal Rescue
33 Warner rd, Huntington NY 11743
631.368.8770 ex. 32

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  1. at that time, they will match us with all three of the kids and we can continue on with the process (there is about 3-4 months worth of steps left after this step is complete). learn more