Saturday, January 16, 2016

Our Princess is in Another Castle....

Finally Princess has found her furever home!

Princess is all hound, loving her treats and attention. She's made friends with pretty much everyone here at Little Shelter, and really has become the princess of Little Shelter. Princess had been a Little Shelter for a couple of months, and situated even longer at the place she was taken in from. This sweet girl came to Little Shelter very scared and shy, but with all the gentle love and coxing from the staff she showed her true happy colors.

However, we always hoped that her own family would come for her soon. Yesterday, that family came and she is now in a castle all her own. Many of the staff and volunteers came to see the adoption take place and to say their goodbyes to Princess. What started as a normal adoption, became an event as every one who has worked with her came to wish her off. Princess, was more than happy for all the attention and all the extra treats!

We could not be more happy to see her go home with a wonderful and loving family! Congratulations to Princess and her new family, may they enjoy many happy years together.

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