Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The truth beyond the lore - Black cats are good luck!

Sorry there hasn't been many updates lately, the holidays have had us all running around. I hope everyone had a pleasant holiday, and congratulations to the families that got to spend it with a new family member!

Meanwhile, back at the cattery.... (I feel like this is becoming a thing)

I just got some exciting news today! January 2nd and 3rd the cattery is holding a special adoption event. $50 adoptions for Black and Tuxedo (black with white) cats! Be they big or small, the adoption fee is half off for these two days.

I noticed there still seems to be a bit of misconception about Black cats. Perhaps this is due to a superstitious saying? If a black cat crosses your path, it means bad luck. This was most likely started by the puritans during the times of witch hunts. Back then it was believed cats, (especially black ones) were a witches familiar. -Reality drum roll please- Almost everyone had cats back then, especially if you lived on a farm or just had your own private garden. Cats were a necessity for keeping away vermin from the home and the garden. Black, was just a much more common coat color back then.

Funny, most people don't realize that the superstitious saying is abbreviated from it's original text and thus very different from the meaning of the original saying: If a black cat crosses your path, it is an omen of impending bad luck. 

So what's the difference? The original meaning was intended as using the sign of the black cat as a spiritual creature. Meaning they were sent as a warning of danger coming, NOT that they were the cause of the danger. So, if you saw a black cat cross your path, that was a warning to proceed with caution because difficult times were up ahead. However, being it was a warning it was also giving you the chance to avoid the danger. Pretty neat right? This means that the black cats are actually the good guys, trying to prevent you from falling into harms way. This really changes the perception of the black cat. Did you also know that in Scotland, Ireland (Celtic tradition), Japan, Egypt, and the UK that black cats are generally considered symbols of prosperity, good luck and good fortune?

Come down and meet some of our good fortune kitties this weekend! These guys get overlook way to often and are some of the sweetest cats we have available for adoption!

As a follow up to this, in the comments section below, I would be very interested in people posting an image of their favorite black feline friend and a little about them. Let's see what you guys have to say about these guys that you have opened your hearts and homes to!

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