Saturday, December 19, 2015

Morning Chores and Animal Resuce

Weekends are always so busy here, especially around the holidays.
 Besides all the normal "chores" that have to get done on a daily basis, we get a lot of visitors coming in to see all our animals. That also means we get a lot of adoptions done on the weekend and animals that are going to their new furever homes! Though sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming with everything going on at the same time.

Before the shelter is even open for visitors, all animals have been fed, walked (or litter boxes scooped) and floors cleaned of any "messes" from the night. Blankets and beds get washed, while fresh ones get put down in their place. Meds are given to the animals who need them, the list goes on. Really need to give a shout out to all the staff that come in each day to take care of the animals. It doesn't matter how cold it is, dogs still need to get walked and litter pans still need to get washed. The people here are always working hard to make sure all the animals get attention and are taken care of.

 Today we got a special delivery. Early this morning the van came back with two kittens from a rescue run. They are very sweet but very scared right now. These little girls are probably around 5 months old and will be going up for adoption soon if everything goes well. There is a whole process that each animal here goes through before they are available for adoption. These kittens seem already human friendly, so they might skip a few steps in the process, I will bring those up in a different post.

The first step to taking them in is to put them in quarantine and have them tested to make sure they don't have something that can spread to the other kitties that are here. The kittens will go through some blood test, and also get flea treatment, dewormed and vaccinated just to be safe. The next step will be having them in open face cages so they can get a feel for the place and all it's inhabitants. This also allows us to monitor how they feel about being around so many cats. If all goes well and the kittens don't seem too stressed about their new feline friends, we move to the final step of deciding which adoption room they should go in and then introducing them to the environment.

As you can read a lot does go into getting an animal ready to be up for adoption, and this is a simple case! Sometimes it's a lot more complicated. Anyways, we are happy to have these girls safe and hopefully someone will come in to adopt them soon.

Thanks for reading and I'll post again soon

Here's a sneak peak of the girls:

Little Shelter Animal Resuce & Adoption Center

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