Monday, December 21, 2015

Gearing up for the Holidays, it's Crunch time!

Everyone seems so excited for Christmas!
Today we received a lot of donations here at the shelter, tons of toys, food, and blankets. I really just wanted to give a shout out to all those who donated, and to thank you for your support.

While life here at Little Shelter is always busy, things really get crazy the week of Christmas. Everyone seems to be looking for a new furry family member to snuggle up to while watching the Yule log burn. We seem to be averaging about 1-3 adoptions a day in both the Kennel and the Cattery, and that's actually a lot. In turn, the more animals we can home, the more we can save. So please, when you see our post on Facebook or in the emails, try to forward them so we can get these guys a home.

If you can't afford to adopt or are not permitted to have an animal of your own, check out our sponsorship program. This is another good way you can make a real difference in the lives of these animals. Donations and Sponsorship can be done in someone's name, making them a perfect stocking stuffer for the upcoming holiday.

Meanwhile, back in the cattery.....
While I missed the event myself, I was informed of a funny happening that goes on every once in a while in the cattery. One of our volunteers came in with a very special treat for our feline friends, turkey!!! The whole place ignited into a sudden uproar with cats clambering over each other trying to get a treat. Don't worry though, there was enough to go around and no furry got hurt. Still, it's a very interesting site to see all the cats suddenly get up and run to one location. Every cat knows as soon as she comes in, and there is a choir of mews to meet her at the door. I was informed of her arrival a little too late today to catch a video, but I'll make sure to grab one next time for everyone to see!

Till next time guys!

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