Tuesday, September 25, 2018

A Happy Fall And A Happy Dog

Happy Fall Everyone! As the days begin to shorten and that crisp feeling gets in the air, we say goodbye to sunny days at the beach and turn our attention to Autumn and the harvest. Pumpkin Spice everything is already on sale in every shop and towns have already started having their fall festivals.

Long Island is a beautiful place with many natural trails where you can walk through acres of woods watching the changing colors of the leaves. There's also a lot of farm land that offer "Pick-UR-Own" for various things like apples and pumpkins. It's a great time to get out and take part in many unique seasonal activities but does that mean man's best friend has to stay behind? Here at Little Shelter we see our dogs as family and know it can be difficult when  you want to go out somewhere but you can't take your dog with you. 

In the spirit of fall I have compiled a list of different places and events that your favorite fido is welcomed to come along for the fun. While many of the places listed are open all year long, it is advised that you look into/call the venue of the specific place and ask what their rules are regarding  dogs prior to you showing up. Most of the places listed are for leashed dogs and follow carry in/carry out policy. *It is also recommended to call and make sure there are no breed or size restrictions, or a changes in policy.

Nassau Barkfest - Eisenhower Park, Harry Chapin Lakeside Theatre (Parking at Field 6 & 6A) -October 24, 1pm
Dog Days at the Gardens – Old Westbury – Oct 20 & 21st 10-5pm/Oct 27 & 28 10-5pm
Dog Festival - Old Westbury - Oct. 28th 11-4pm (costume contest is at 3, all entries must register by 2pm)
Suffolk Barkfest - The Holiday Inn, 3131 Nesconset Highway, Setauket - October 25, 12pm

Spooktacular Howl’oween Pet Parade - City Hall, 9 Glen Street, Glen Cove - October 26, 12pm-1pm

Barton Orchards (& Dog Park) – Poughquag
Stakey’s farm – AQUEBOGUE/Riverhead(GPS)

Blydenburgh County Park, Sands Point Preserve, Bailey Arboretum, Massapequa Preserve, Avalon Park & Preserve, Gardiner Park, Belmont Lake State Park, Heather Hills State Park, Camp Hero State Park, Makamah Nature Preserve, Cedar Point County Park, Phargmites/Twin Ponds North Park, Fire Island National Seashore, West Hills County Park, Sunken Meadow State Park, Southaven County Park

Mudd Creek Beach, Nassau Beach Park, Gardiner County Park, Fire Island*select areas, Smith Point County Park, Shinnecok East County Park, Amagansett Beach, Cedar Point County Park
Coindre Hall - Coindre Hall is a mansion in the style of a medieval French chateau constructed in 1912
Sagamore Hill National Historic Site - Oyster Bay


Lavender By The Bay - October: Thursday – Monday 9AM-5PM

Macari Vinyards – Mattituck - MON-THURS: 9AM-5PM, FRI, SAT & SUN: 11AM-6PM
Harmony Vineyards – Head of the Harbor
Woodside OrchardAquebogue (Dogs are welcome in the picnic and parking area)

This is only a partial list and readers are encouraged to drop their favorite haunts in the comments. I also advise to check local community boards as many towns or businesses may have smaller events going on that are not listed here. Please note, Little Shelter is not affiliated with any of the locations/businesses mention above.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

HELP! The Cat Got Out! – What To Do In The Event Kitty Gets Outside

HELP! The Cat Got Out! – What To Do In The Event Kitty Gets Outside

Every feline pet parent’s biggest fear is that their little sofa lion will somehow end up in that massive jungle of dangers outside. Having cats myself, it hits close to home when I get calls asking for help because a kitty got out. Even the most cautious pet parents can have this happen, be it a storm knocks a hole in the wall, company or repairmen accidentally let the cat out, or a thousand other reasons.

The most important thing is to keep calm and do whatever you can to help aid kitty in finding their way back. For this reason, Little Shelter has compiled a checklist of things that can be done to help increase your chances of getting your cat back.

  • 1.     Call the shelter/rescue you adopted from. – A rescue’s job doesn’t end at the time of adoption. We truly care about the cats who are adopted from Little Shelter and we want to be the first to know if a cat goes missing. Most rescues have some public outreach (such as facebook) where they can help give exposure to your search. In addition many rescues microchip and will be notified if the cat turns up in the local shelter or at a veterinarian’s office. Plus many rescues have additional services (such as rentable traps, TNR specialist) and may be able to help you get your cat back.*If your cat is not already microchipped we highly recommend doing so, collars can come off but a microchip is under the skin and every shelter/rescue/vet check for them.

  • 2.     Check, check, and check again! - Just because you think the cat got out, still continue to check. (Unless you have visual confirmation) Cats have a knack for getting into places that would seem impossible for them to fit! They can also become very creative when hiding from a scary situation or looking for a new napping spot. So you should still check around the house even when you can’t find the cat in any usual hiding spots. (Try shaking a treat can, a favorite toy, or whatever tricks make your cat respond)

  • 3.     Print out COLOR flyers of the cat with a recent GOOD photo, specifically point out any unique markings. With smart phones and other technology that’s so common today, it’s pretty easy to get a clear photo of your feline friend. Make sure to get a photo from a well lit location, where details and colors are very clear. If there is a unique marking, make sure to photograph that. (ex: one of my cats who’s coloring is white and tabby has white legs, but his left back leg has a large black spot on it.)

  • 4.     Place flyers of your cat in EVERY mailbox in a 2-3 block radius. You’d be surprised how often kitty gets out and bolts into the neighbor’s cellar/shed/etc… especially during times of the year where people are cleaning and moving things in and out of storage. Even if they can’t see a cat, they might here mewing and notify you.

  • 5.     Put his litter box (dirty) outside near a door/window or other house access point - the cat can be attracted to his own scent and find his way back.

  • 6.     Leave out his favorite canned food or put out warmed wet food or warmed canned tuna (the stinker the better), the smell will attract him.

  • 7.     Humane traps can be rented from Little Shelter, or purchased at places like Home Depot/Lowes. Put the trap near a door or side of the house, cover the inside with a light blanket or thin cardboard (some cats are deterred by the feel of the wire) and place high value stinky food in the back of the trap (such as tuna) you can place a small amount of tuna to make a trail going from front to back to "lead" the cat into the trap. Cover the trap with cardboard or a blanket so it becomes a closed cave. (effective hiding place for a scared kitty)

  • 8.     The first 24-48 hours are the most crucial, do not wait to see if the cat will come back on their own. The quicker you put the previous steps into action, the higher your chances of getting your cat back safely. If the cat does not return within 48 hours, do not lose hope. Contact the rescue again and ask for further advice.

We hope this checklist will be helpful in the case you should ever need it. However the best thing is to try and prevent this situation from occurring all together. Here are a few things you can do to help proof your house:

Friday, September 14, 2018

Are You Prepared For This Years Hurricane Season?

Preparing For Emergency Situations
How To Keep Your Furry Loved Ones Safe During Hurricanes And Tropical Storm Season
As we head into the peak of hurricane season and weather predictions begin to show hurricanes and tropical storms in the forecast, Little Shelter would like to offer some helpful information to help keep our friends and their furry loved ones safe.

With better preparedness we can help keep our four legged family members safe from harm. Remember, it's not just about preparing for the storm but the aftermath as well.In the event of flooding or road damage, you want to make sure you are well stocked in case delivery trucks and other transports can not access areas of Long Island for a couple of days.

Keep your eyes on the weather reports and stay alert to what's going on around you so you do not get caught by surprise.

Here is a printable checklist with some ways you can help prepare for a coming Hurricane or tropical storm:

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Thursday, September 6, 2018


September, 2018
THANK YOU to all our families who came out to adopt at this year’s 21st Annual Pet-A-Palooza! Little Shelter saw close to 70 puppies, kittens, dogs and cats find their forever homes during the two day adoption and fundraising extravaganza. With families waiting at the gate to be the first to adopt on both days, there was much excitement from beginning to end.

Some of the adoptable puppies and dogs had traveled all the way from Puerto Rico seeking sanctuary from the hurricane devastated streets. There were some very emotional moments throughout the weekend as adopters welcomed new furry family members into their lives.
Join Little Shelter on Oct. 18th for the 11th Annual Masquerade Ball happening at the Westbury Manor.
Filled with fun, the event kicks off at 6 pm with a cocktail reception and open bar. The night continues with a silent auction, live DJ and more.

Tickets are $100 each, and all proceeds go directly to helping the animals. Seating is limited so get your ticket's today! (Click Here)
September 8th & 9th
Join Little Shelter this weekend at Sag Harbor for Harborfest. Once described as the largest block party extending out over the water, this year Harborfest will be a village-wide event celebrating the maritime history of Sag Harbor.

Be sure to stop by Little Shelter's booth located right outside of Harbor Pets on Bay St and meet some of our adoptable dogs and kittens. Learn More
We’re Happy To Announce That Pasta Has Been Adopted!

It’s been a rough couple of months for Pasta, but we are one step closer to everyone’s hard work paying off. Pasta’s second checkup with the vet was so good, that he was given the “all clear” to be available for adoption right before Little Shelter’s 21st Annual Pet-A-Palooza. Due to Pasta’s eyes still being in the healing process, families who were interested in him had to make an appointment for interactions.

A young couple came in to visit him and instantly fell in love. They met with Pasta’s medical team and understood he would need a little extra care until his eyes were fully healed and follow-up appointments with the eye doctor. They were eager to make him part of their family and do whatever it took to make sure he was taken care of. We’re happy to announce that Pasta went off to his furever home the next day!

His new family has sent us many photos of Pasta’s adventures in his new life. He has adjusted well to his new environment and this is the best ending to his story that we could ask for. Even though Pasta has gone off to his furever home, Little Shelter still needs to come up with the bill for Pasta’s surgery. Please make a donation to Pasta’s fund today so we can continue to help other dogs like Pasta get the second chance they so deserve.
Meet Serena and Venus the inseparable sisters. These two girls are looking for a forever home together where they can spoil someone with kisses and love. The girls love getting attention and will let you dress them up. They are funny girls who have playful antics and will do anything to get a back scratch or extra treats. Come into Little Shelter and meet Serena & Venus today!
David is a sweet 4 year old cat who is currently available for adoption and is Mr. Personality around Little Shelter Cattery. He loves being the center of attention, rolls over for belly rubs, and likes to be carried.He's super affectionate and would be a great companion in any household. If you're looking for Mr. personality, you've found him!