Thursday, May 17, 2018

Some Days Are Full Of Surprises

Every day at Little Shelter we get calls about dogs and cats in need of help, with kitten season upon us there has never been a more crucial time for fosters and donations. 
It was just a normal work day for one worker at his local company. Working in a warehouse setting the place was abuzz with forklifts and other industrial machines going back and forth. However this day had a surprise in store for the workers at this warehouse.
As Matt was running the forklift he suddenly heard the soft sound of kitten crying. He immediately stopped the forklift and began searching for the source of the cries. It didn't take long for him to locate not one but four tiny kittens underneath a pallet near where he was working. "Somehow my hearing is so fine tuned to cats I can hear little mews over the sound of a forklift. When I found them, their eyes were barely open and they could fit in my palm." Matt commented.
The location of the kittens was in a very dangerous place that would have resulted in a tragedy if it hadn't been for their rescuer. Being an active work site there was no safe place for these kittens to stay. Knowing time was of the essence Matt contacted Little Shelter right away in hope of guidance as to what he should do.
When Little Shelter heard the story, we knew we had to step in. Mom had not returned and with the kittens being only two weeks old they needed to be kept warmed and fed every two hours. Some of the kittens were also suffering from bad eye infections. Little Shelter took the four young kittens in and began treating them.

These kittens are now in the care of Little Shelter's Foster Families Program, but we need donations to keep them and other kittens who arrive healthy and happy. These kittens will need around the clock care, with feeding every two hours until they are old enough to start eating on their own. The kittens need formula, food, bottles, toys and lots of love. Before they will be ready for adoption they will need to have vaccinations. We need YOU to donate today to help us care for these kittens and the 200 other we are expected to save this year.