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December, 2018
Pepe Le Pew's Surgery Was A Success!

Pepe Le Pew had his third and final surgery andLittle Shelter is happy to announce that it was a success! This friendly kitty who was born without functioning eyelids will now be able to live the rest of his life without discomfort thanks to Little Shelter’s Vet Dr. Handlin.

In a very unique procedure, part of Pepe’s eyelid was replaced with a small part of his lip tissue. Having a similar type of elasticity, the hope is that once he has fully recovered, thelittle piece of lip tissue will be able to function as an eyelid. This would allow Pepe to live without the need for medical eye drops to keep his eyes moisturized. Pepe also suffered from a medical condition that caused fur to grow on the inside of his eyelids causing constant scratching and irritation to his eyeballs.

With your support, Pepe Le Pew was able to get the medical treatment he so badly needed. Through Little Shelter’s, care he was given a second chance and found himself a furever home. His mom and dad love him so much, which we couldn’t be happier about. Your donations make it possible for us to help cats like Pepe.
Mr. Wister Has Been Adopted!

Last month we introduced you to Mr. Wister, a 5 year old dog with a horribly broken back leg. Through Little Shelter’s care, he received the medical treatment he needed and went through a transformation from matted fur covered in filth to a happy, clean puppy looking for belly rubs.

A few weeks after his surgery, Mr. Wister was available for adoption and within a week, he found his furever home! We are happy to announce that Mr. Wister has been adopted and is flourishing with his new family. He loves to cuddle on the couch and take long naps in his bed. We are all so happy for him. Mr. Wister got the second chance he needed because of your continued support to Little Shelter.
Meet Taki:

Taki is a fun loving 8 year old Chihuahua mix whose favorite activity is playing with squeaky toys. She goes absolutely nuts trying to play with a squeaker and will dance on her hind paws to get it. She also enjoys rolling in the grass and it's so funny to watch. She's a sweet girl who likes meeting new people and getting affection.

Taki is out to prove that age is just a number and you can teach an old dog new tricks. Come meet her today at Little Shelter!
Meet Emilia:

Emilia is a super friendly cat who is just looking for someone who wants to be her best friend. She LOVES people and follows staff back and forth throughout the cattery looking for attention. It may be hard to believe, but this cutie pie was rescued near a train station where she was going up to people on the platform looking for attention!

Right now she's hoping Santa will hear her Christmas wish and bring her a family of her very own.

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November, 2018
Mr. Wister Gets A New Leash On Life

When Little Shelterstaff saw this cutelittle face staring up at them at a localshelter, we knew we could not leave without rescuing him.

Mr. Wister at only 5 years old had seen more trouble than most dogs do their entire lives. His coat was matted so bad that it wrapped around his paws and his fur was coated in filth. Worst of all, one of his back legs was horribly broken beyond the point of saving. Despite all of this, the little dog wagged his tail and went belly up at our feet for belly rubs.

Once Mr. Wister was safe at Little Shelter, he wasted no time making friends. You could see his eyes light up whenever he saw someone, as he eagerly hobbled over to get affection. After a thorough examination with Little Shelter’s Veterinarian it was decided that Mr. Wister’s leg would need to be amputated.

A week later and Mr. Wister was back up on his feet and cleaned up. You could tell he felt much better and his leg was started to heal from the surgery. While his wound will still need time to heal, Little Shelter staff are hopeful he will soon be ready for adoption. Please donate to help cover Mr. Wister’s surgery and aftercare so we can continue to help more dogs like him.
November 17th & 24th
Photos With Santa
Don't miss your chance to get your pet's photo with Santa at Community PetSupplies on Saturday, November 17th and 24th from 11 am to 5 pm.

Len Marks Photography will be there to make sure you get the purr-fect Christmas card to send out this holiday season.

Time slots are limited, so call 631-421-0088 to RSVP your spot today. Learn More.
Little Shelter has been nominated for BESTAnimal Rescue AND BEST AnimalShelter! Please VOTE every day from now until Dec 15th and help us become the reigning champions for 10 consecutive years. Make your voices heard.
Little Shelter's November Event Calendar
Suzie Has Been Adopted!

Suzie the senior Chihuahua mix was rescued from a local municipal shelter where she was at risk of euthanasia due to life threatening cancer that needed immediate treatment. The sweet 13 year old was friendly with everyone and Little Shelter knew we had to try our best to save her. After an examination by Little Shelter’s Veterinarian it was determined that surgery was her only hope. Due to the size of the mass inside her, poor little Suzie had only a 40% chance of surviving the surgery.

The first couple of days after surgery were touch and go, it was obvious that she was in pain as she hardly ate and had difficulty going to the bathroom. Little Shelter staff monitored Suzie very closely, giving her lots of love and encouragement. A week later, she was up and eating and looking for affection from everyone she saw. We knew then that she would pull through.

While Suzie has a long road to recovery, in the beginning of October she was given the all clear to be made available for adoption. We’re happy to say she didn’t have to wait long until finding the perfect family and has been adopted into a loving home. This would not have been possible without your continued support.
Emily is a 7 year old Lab mix who was rescued from Puerto Rico through LittleShelter’s Passage to Freedom program. This loving dog likes to stick close to the people she bonds with and enjoys having another canine companion around. Emily is the perfect kind of dog if you’re looking for a cuddle buddy to watch movies with or to lay on your feet while you read a book. She’s content with staying at home and just having her own backyard to play in. If this girl sounds like the friend for you come see her today at Little Shelter.
When little Softee first arrived to LittleShelter she was small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. The poor kitten was found all alone mewing in a truck yard full of Mr. Softee trucks. Lucky for Softee, her rescue came just in the nick of time! She was rushed to Little Shelter where it was found that she had a temperature of 105 and was severely dehydrated. Two weeks later with around-the-clock care, Softee was on her way to being better. This loving and playful kitten is now available for adoption

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October, 2018
Little Shelter Welcomes Dogs And Cats From The Carolinas To Safety In Huntington
In the wake of destruction left by Hurricane Florence, thousands of animals have been displaced in the Carolina states. Already over inundated shelters have been scrambling to make room for the influx of dogs and cats that are arriving every day.

With calls and emails coming in with pleas to pull animals, we are committed to helping our partners down south during the ongoing months. However we can't do it alone, we need your support to give these victims of natural disaster the second chance they so deserve. Please donate today to help ongoing rescue efforts.
Little Shelter has been nominated for BESTAnimal Rescue AND BEST Animal Shelter!

Please VOTE every day from now until Dec 15th and help us become the reigning champions for 10 consecutive years. Make your voices heard by Clicking Here.
Happy Fall Everyone! In the spirit of fall, Little Shelter has compiled a list of different places and events that your favorite Fido is welcomed to come along for the fun. From special events, "Pick-UR-Own" and natural trails, we have it all here. Click Here To Read
October 18th
Join Little Shelter on Oct. 18th for the 11th Annual Masquerade Ball! Happening at the Westbury Manor Caterers this will be one evening you do not want to miss!

Filled with fun, the event kicks off at 6 pmwith a cocktail reception and open bar. The night continues with silent auction, live DJ and more.

Tickets are $100 each, and all proceeds go directly to helping the animals. Seating is limited so get your ticket today!

Call: 631-368-8770 ext. 26 for your ticket.
Get your rescue on this month at Little Shelter as we celebrate Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month. We have dogs of all different age, breed, size and color available. Stop by Little Shelter and see who's available now!Learn More
Pepe Le Pew Has Been Adopted With Miss Marbles

It’s been a rough couple of months for Pasta, but we are one step closer to everyone’s hard work paying off. Pasta’s second checkup with the vet was so good, that he was given the “all clear” to be available for adoption right before Little Shelter’s 21st Annual Pet-A-Palooza. Due to Pasta’s eyes still being in the healing process, families who were interested in him had to make an appointment for interactions.

A young couple came in to visit him and instantly fell in love. They met with Pasta’s medical team and understood he would need a little extra care until his eyes were fully healed and follow-up appointments with the eye doctor. They were eager to make him part of their family and do whatever it took to make sure he was taken care of. We’re happy to announce that Pasta went off to his furever home the next day!

His new family has sent us many photos of Pasta’s adventures in his new life. He has adjusted well to his new environment and this is the best ending to his story that we could ask for. Even though Pasta has gone off to his furever home, Little Shelter still needs to come up with the bill for Pasta’s surgery. Please make a donation to Pasta’s fund today so we can continue to help other dogs like Pasta get the second chance they so deserve.
Don't be fooled by his colossal size, spend some time with him and you’ll realize he’s just a big baby! Whenever Damascus sees his favorite staff and volunteer members he will talk to them asking for them to play with him. Damascus is a very laid back guy who is content to just lay down at your feet and watch the birds or enjoy a good movie. He doesn’t require a lot of exercise and would be content with a fenced backyard where he can roll in the grass. Come meet Damascus today!
Cali-O is well known at Little Shelter cattery. While we don't know her past, we have found that she absolutely LOVES dogs! She will come right up to a dog and rub against its legs, or paw gently at its nose asking to play. Her favorite dogs to play with are the big ones, her motto is the bigger the better! The second she hears a dog come into the cattery, she rushes out to make a new friend. If you have cat friendly dogs and are looking for a feline addition to the family, Cali-O is the cat for you!
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