Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Journey To Find Out "Who's A Good Boy." - A Korean Meat Dog's Story

Journey To Find Out 
"Who's A Good Boy."
- A Korean Meat Dog's Story

Paul is a very special dog at Little Shelter, we've never seen a dog that looks like him - from his cute teddy bear ears and button nose to his funny long toes, he is truly something unique!

He is the last of the Korean Meat Trade dog rescue from back in February. Right away we knew there was something different with him. Some of the dogs we rescued were a bit shy, but poor Paul was terrified! For the first few days he would huddle in the back of his kennel and be shaking and crying. It broke our hearts to see a dog this scared. We could only imagine that he had never had much of human contact outside of those who wished to harm him, that Paul had never slept in a bed, feed regularly, been loved, or known "who's a good boy." Our trainer and devoted staff set out to make right what had gone so wrong in Paul's life.

Every day we work with him, just sitting with him and spending time with him to get him use to people being around. We give him treats every time he comes up to one of us so he has something GOOD to associate approaching people with. We are able to take him out on the leash to walk the trails in Little Shelter. One of the biggest helps in getting Paul this far was having another dog with him. He learned from the other dog to approach us and not to be afraid of people/hands/leashes. It had played such a crucial role in Paul's progress that he MUST be adopted into a home where he will have a canine companion.

Now, after months of positive progress, our trainers feel the next step for him is to be in a home. He has already come so far, but to get any more comfortable he needs the consistency of a home environment with a daily routine and a set family. He may never be the dog that cuddles in the bed with you, but he will be a good boy in the home and be grateful for everything you give him.

Paul enjoys treats, being able to lie out in the grass and just generally left to do his own thing. He needs a fully fenced in yard so he can safely explore and enjoy being outside. The right family for him will have no young children and a regular routine where Paul can know what's going to happen next. The family needs to understand that he needs time to warm up to them and to leave him alone while he adjusts, just give positive reinforcement when he approaches them. (Like TREATS)

If you think Paul is the right dog for you, or the right companion dog for your dog - Please contact Little Shelter TODAY! 631-3638-8770 ex. 21

***Adopter Needed! - Must Have A Dog In The Home & Experience With Shy Dogs***

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