Friday, March 24, 2017

You Can Help Vino And His Friends Walk Again! ...Click Here To Find Out How

 Little Shelter rescues 3 dogs with broken legs who were faced with euthanasia...

Three dogs that were turned in as strays into a town shelter were limping and showing other signs of having broken legs. Due to the number of dogs that come through this municipal shelter on a daily basis, the dogs were each at risk for euthanasia. Knowing the dogs had only a few hours to escape their fate, one of the staff members reached out to Little Shelter to see if we could take the dogs.


Upon hearing the dogs' plight, Little Shelter agreed to take all three dogs right away. The dogs are all young and have a long life ahead of them. We couldn't allow their life to get cut short from something that could be treated. The dogs are already being scheduled to see the Medical Director to decide the best course of action to heal their legs.


Little Shelter is currently collecting donations to help cover the cost of their surgeries.  While we don't know their past, we are committed to giving these dogs a better future and with a speedy recovery they will be ready to find a furever family in no time.
If you would like to Donate to their recovery fund, please follow the link below.
Click Here To Make A Donation

Thursday, March 16, 2017

big things happen at little shelter march 2017



March, 2017 Digital Newsletter

Stores With Happy Endings Are The Best...

Little Shelter's Adoption Of The Month: Mavis!

When Mavis first arrived to Little Shelter she was in bad shape. She had suffered an accident that resulted in multiple bone fractures. To heal, she needed to be in a full chest cast and kept on complete cage rest. However, she is a very strong spirited dog and always seemed to be happy and eager to meet people as they came through the kennels. All the staff at Little Shelter that spent time with Mavis fell in love with her and they decorated her cast to be bright and happy. Most people who passed through the kennels thought the cute little dog was wearing a sweater! After 2 months of cage rest this fluffy girl was fully healed and able to have her cast removed. This also meant she was now ready to find a home of her own. In less than a week of being available she was adopted into a loving family with a furry sibling to play with. Little Shelter was there for her when she was at her most dire time of need and helped her get the happy ending she deserved.

What's Happening At Little Shelter...

Little Shelter's Passage To Freedom Program Rescues 10 Dogs From 

Korean Meat Trade

Little Shelter's Passage To Freedom Program has just rescued 10 dogs who faced certain death in Korea. The dogs had been raised for food in the Korean Meat Trade and were to be brought for slaughter when a local rescue group, Free Korean Dogs, intervened. While these dogs had escaped their cruel fate, the relief was only temporary as they still needed a safe place to go. Little Shelter stepped in to give them the safety they needed and a chance at a home. After a long and tempestuous journey, the dogs finally arrived to safety on Monday, February 27th. The Korean dogs are between 4-15lbs and range in age from 9 months old to 3 years old. As part of the shelters protocol the dogs have been kept quarantined for two weeks in Little Shelter's new ISO room where they have had time to settle down and become familiar with the staff. Some of the dogs will be available for adoption this Saturday, March 16th.

Come Join Us For A Little Shelter Event!

9th Annual Lunch-in at Tula Kitchen

Jackie Sharlup, owner of Tula Kitchen, will be hosting her 9th annual lunch-in fundraiser event to benefit the animals of Little Shelter. This fun event will be held this Sunday, March 19th from Noon to 3pm and will offer Tula Kitchen's famous hours d'oeuvers as well as a cash bar and a live band. We are excited to announce that this year for the first time Tula Kitchen will have their full kitchen open during the event. While we encourage everyone to enjoy the hours d'oeuvers that will be passed around, entrées can be ordered for your enjoyment. (Not included in ticket price) Little Shelter will be bringing some of their adoptable dogs for a meet and greet outside with potential adopters. There will also be one of Little Shelter's famous Chinese Auctions towards the end of the event where attendees will have a chance to win some amazing prizes including a chance to win a Mercedes-Benz raffle ticket. Tickets for this fun filled event are $30 each. All proceeds go directly to the continued care of the animals at Little Shelter Animal Rescue.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Preparing For A Blizzard....

Are You Prepared For Tonight's Blizzard? Here's How To Protect Your Pets!....

With the current predictions of Long Island getting a heavy snow fall starting early Tuesday morning in excess of a foot and blizzard conditions, Little Shelter wants to help you be prepared. Little Shelter would like to offer some helpful information to help keep our friends and their furry loved ones safe.
With better preparedness we can help keep our four legged family members safe from harm. Remember, it's not just about preparing for the storm but the aftermath as well. In the event of being snowed in for a few days, you want to make sure you are well stocked in case delivery trucks and other transports can not access all of Long Island for a couple of days.
Keep your eyes on the weather reports and stay alert to what's going on around you so you do not get caught by surprise.
Here are some ways you can help prepare for a coming Hurricane or tropical storm:
  • Have some bottled water for you and your pets in case the pipes freeze, plus at least two weeks worth of pet food.
  • Make sure that if your animals are on medication, that you have enough to last at least two weeks.
  • Bring any outdoor animals inside, the freezing temperatures expected are lethal for animals and there is a potential for them becoming trapped in the snow.
  • If you have to let your dog out, make sure they are on a leash. Small dogs especially can have difficult in heavy snow, clear a path so they can easily walk.
  • Check paws after the dog has been outside, use a warm washcloth to remove ice/snow that may be trapped in between toes. Wash paws after walking to remove salt which can be toxic if ingested.
  • Keep walks and outside time brief and closely monitored. If your dogs skin turns red, white, or grey and scaly you must contact your vet immediately as they may have frostbite.
  • Have extra warm towels and blankets ready just in case you should need them.
  • Stock up on batteries and flashlights. If you plan to use candles, make sure the are secured in a place where animals can not knock them over.
  • Get a LED collar and put it on your dog or cat. If the power goes out, you will still be able to locate them in the house and when you have to let the dog out, it will help you keep an eye on their location in possible blizzard conditions.