Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Lang The Playful Shih-Tzu With A Life Threatening Condition

At Only Two And Half Years Old Little Lang Had Already Gone Through More Hardship Than Most Dogs Do Their Entire Lives...
Despite being dumped in a shelter at a young age, this boy is the embodiment of happiness! When Lang first arrived to Little Shelter he was a mess of mats and dirty fur from which big excited eyes popped through. He was full of energy and couldn't wait to make new friends to play with, quickly resulting in all the staff falling in love with him.

Lang had come from a local town shelter that had reached out to us for help. They knew he was very ill and needed someone who could take care of his special needs. That's when Little Shelter stepped in to take him knowing what fate would have for him if we didn't. Test revealed that he had a liver shunt (a vein that bypasses blood to the liver, preventing the liver from purifying the blood) and toxicity was building in his body. If left untreated, Lang's life would be dramatically shortened - he could die at any moment.

(Click Here To Watch Lang Playing)
(Click Here To Watch Lang Playing)
Lang loves to play tag and chases after staff members only to ram head first into their legs and then tip over like a lamb. It's Hard to believe this young dog that is so exuberant is dealing with a life threatening condition that should have left him listless of spirit. - Little Shelter was going to save him, no matter what it took.

He has now had surgery to fix the shunt and is recovering. The next couple of weeks will be crucial to his recover and determining his future. The bill has come back to us and Lang's surgery cost is $7,500. We are asking for your help, please donate today to Lang's care.
Click Here To Donate
Lang will now be able to live a long life as a normal dog, where he can frolic and play with friends without the fear of his body shutting down on him. It is with your continued support that we are able to help Lang and other dogs like him.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Journey To Find Out "Who's A Good Boy." - A Korean Meat Dog's Story

Journey To Find Out 
"Who's A Good Boy."
- A Korean Meat Dog's Story

Paul is a very special dog at Little Shelter, we've never seen a dog that looks like him - from his cute teddy bear ears and button nose to his funny long toes, he is truly something unique!

He is the last of the Korean Meat Trade dog rescue from back in February. Right away we knew there was something different with him. Some of the dogs we rescued were a bit shy, but poor Paul was terrified! For the first few days he would huddle in the back of his kennel and be shaking and crying. It broke our hearts to see a dog this scared. We could only imagine that he had never had much of human contact outside of those who wished to harm him, that Paul had never slept in a bed, feed regularly, been loved, or known "who's a good boy." Our trainer and devoted staff set out to make right what had gone so wrong in Paul's life.

Every day we work with him, just sitting with him and spending time with him to get him use to people being around. We give him treats every time he comes up to one of us so he has something GOOD to associate approaching people with. We are able to take him out on the leash to walk the trails in Little Shelter. One of the biggest helps in getting Paul this far was having another dog with him. He learned from the other dog to approach us and not to be afraid of people/hands/leashes. It had played such a crucial role in Paul's progress that he MUST be adopted into a home where he will have a canine companion.

Now, after months of positive progress, our trainers feel the next step for him is to be in a home. He has already come so far, but to get any more comfortable he needs the consistency of a home environment with a daily routine and a set family. He may never be the dog that cuddles in the bed with you, but he will be a good boy in the home and be grateful for everything you give him.

Paul enjoys treats, being able to lie out in the grass and just generally left to do his own thing. He needs a fully fenced in yard so he can safely explore and enjoy being outside. The right family for him will have no young children and a regular routine where Paul can know what's going to happen next. The family needs to understand that he needs time to warm up to them and to leave him alone while he adjusts, just give positive reinforcement when he approaches them. (Like TREATS)

If you think Paul is the right dog for you, or the right companion dog for your dog - Please contact Little Shelter TODAY! 631-3638-8770 ex. 21

***Adopter Needed! - Must Have A Dog In The Home & Experience With Shy Dogs***

Friday, July 14, 2017

July Newsletter - Big Things Happen At Little Shelter


Stories With Happy Endings Are The Best...

Little Shelter Alumni: Rose, Dojo, Hamilton (left to right)

Little Shelter's Adoption Of The Month: Hamilton!

We are very happy to announce that after being a Little Shelter resident for 9 months, handsome Hamilton has found his furever home! Not too long ago we did a campaign for the big doe-eyed pitty when he needed surgery after being diagnosed with two torn ACLs. He spent a couple of months on strict cage rest, which made this social butterfly very sad. He missed being able to walk around and make new friends, both human and canine.
Then one day when he was finally off of his cage rest, Hamilton got to go on quite the adventure, modeling at Oheka Castle in Huntington. He got to enjoy spending the day running on the grass (something he had not been able to do for many months) and making friends with everyone who passed by. The only thing missing from this fairy tale setting was a loving home.
Luckily, word spread quickly about Hamilton's recovery from surgery and his new stardom. That's when Little Shelter got a call from one of our very special adopters. You may remember an adoption story we did over a year ago about a senior Pitt bull named Rose... Well it turned out they were looking to adopt another friend for Rose and Dojo. They were familiar with Hamilton's story and couldn't believe he hadn't been adopted yet. When Hamilton met them for the first time, everyone just fell in love with each other and it was like they had always been together. A big congratulations to Hamilton and his new family!

What's Happening At Little Shelter...

LTR: David Ceely, JoAnn M Winkhart, Maryann Chernovsky

Little Shelter's 20th Semi-Annual Mercedes-Benz Raffle 2017

Congratulations ticket holder #462, Anton of Montauk!  

A crowd gathered at Little Shelter shortly before 3pm on Sunday, June 25th consisting of ticket holders, volunteers and staff members who were anxiously awaiting the drawing. 

Little Shelter's President Maryann Chernovsky and Director David Ceely were joined by guest JoAnn M Winkhart, District Leader for the Humane Society of the United States, who did the honors of pulling the winning ticket. The event was aired on Facebook live. President Maryann called our winner Anton to let him know the good news, needless to say he was both very surprised and very happy to learn that he had won!
Missed out on your chance to win? Our Fall Raffle will be starting soon! 

Specialized Care Puppies
Recently we received a phone call of what seemed to be a normal ask for us to take puppies, but things quickly took a turn into a nightmarish situation as more of the story was revealed...

Desperate to save these fading lives, they were rushed to our veterinarian who provided immediate preliminary care and recommended the puppies be hospitalized with a specialized care center, and to be closely monitored. Now, the puppies are out of the specialized care center and finishing their recovery at Little Shelter.

We Need Your Help!!! Little Shelter is now facing its own emergency - covering the bill. The medical expenses of the puppies have reached close to $10,000 and while this is a high cost, it is a small price to pay for saving these delicate lives. Donate to our youcaring campaign today!
Foster Families Wanted!  
With kitten and puppy season upon us, we are looking for dedicated families to join our life saving foster program. Every year there are so many kittens/puppies in need of rescue; Little Shelter is looking to expand the number of families in its foster program which will increase the amount of lives we can save this year.

We currently are receiving many phone calls on a daily basis asking for help... However, our Foster Families are FULL. We NEED more Foster Families to be able to rescue these little lives! We had a warm winter and are expecting their to be more litters born this year. Can't Foster? DONATE! We need supplies to keep these babies happy and healthy - Formula, Wee wee Pads, litter, kitten/puppy food and MORE!!!

Join Us For A Little Shelter Event!

Join Us For Little Shelter's Christmas In July!  

Come down to Little Shelter on July 29th between noon and 3pm to have your furry/feathery/scaly family member(s) get their photo taken with Santa. For a donation of $10, have your furbaby's picture taken with Santa on a 5'x7' by Len Marks.

Light snacks and refreshments will be served and all furbabies will get a small goodie bag from Santa! All proceeds go to benefit the dogs and cats of Little Shelter.

Call: Arleen at 631-368-8770 ext. 26 for more information.

This Month's Adoption Spotlight:

Meet Gloria!

Meet Gloria the one year old Shepherd mix rescued from Baku. This sweet girl was rescued off of the streets in Baku, where stray dogs are not treated too kindly and brought to safety at Little Shelter. She is now waiting to start the final part of her journey, living in a furever home. She loves playing with other dogs and would benefit from having a canine companion in the home. (click here for more info)
 Meet Paddy

This energetic boy loves to play and run around! Paddy could play with you for hours, chasing a laser or kitty dance, playing fetch or catch, and just being a silly kitten. He is a very active boy who loves to explore and get into things. He will definitely keep his family entertained with all his silly antics. (click here for more info)

Little Shelter Opportunities: 

NOW HIRING Full-Time Veterinarian!

Little Shelter Animal Rescue is looking to hire a full time vet to work at our shelter. Candidates should be able to perform spays and neuters and other minor surgeries in our surgical room. For more info and if interested please email resume and salary requirements to:



Upcoming Little Shelter Events! 

7/8: Broadway Barks, Shubert Alley NYC, 3-6:30pm

7/22: Pet Supplies Plus, Smithtown, 11-3pm
7/29: Christmas in July, Little Shelter, Noon to 3pm

7/30: Polo In The Park, Bethpage, 3-5pm

7:30: Pause For Paws Memorial Event, Calverton, 10-5pm

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Monday, July 3, 2017

This 4th Of July, Make Sure Your Pets Are Safe

This 4th Of July, Make Sure Your Pets Are Safe

4th of the July is a fun holiday for friends and family to get together and celebrate the independence of our country. From BBQs to firework displays there are many iconic festivities throughout the day. However, not all our family members do well with the excitement. Here are a few tips to help keep your pets safe:

  • Keep your cats inside! This is a very scary night for them with lights and sounds going on from
    parties and fireworks, and from the additional traffic of people coming and going. Kitty is safer being kept in the house than let outside to wander around.
  • Most dogs and cats do not appreciate fireworks and there are always a few horror stories around this time of year. Please keep your dog inside a room where they can feel safe, with toys and treats. Try turning on soothing music and the AC to help drown out the noise of the fireworks.
  • CHECK ON YOUR PET often. Make sure they have food and water at all times.
  • For dogs who do not mind fireworks, it is still much safer for them inside! Especially if you plan to set off fireworks yourself. You do not want your dog to “retrieve” the funny looking stick with a lit fuse…
  • BBQ food is great, but not so great for puppy and kitty, some meats contain seasoning that is toxic to our pets such as garlic, onions and hot peppers. Even a hamburger can give our pets a stomach ache due to the grease and fat. Try to refrain from giving your pet human snacks. (No matter how much they beg!)
  • Make sure you have a current good quality color picture of your pet and additional photos of any identifiable markings. Accidents happen and the better the photo, the more likely someone is to spot your dog or cat if they get out.
  • Make sure your pets have collars on with current ID tags and that their microchips are up to date. Should your pet get out, notify the company who the microchip is registered with. Also if you adopted from a rescue, contact the rescue group to notify them of the situation.

Stay Safe And Have Fun!!!

Happy 4th of July from Little Shelter!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Safety Tip From Little Shelter For Memorial Day Weekend

 Safety Tips From Little Shelter 

For Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend is a fun time for many families. The weather is beginning to feel like summer, people began breaking out the BBQ and even opening the pool. While we hope you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend festivities, Little Shelter would like to offer some tips on how to keep your furry loved ones safe this weekend.

  • While Fido might be giving you the sad puppy eyes while your at the grill, refrain from giving him a "treat". Many of the meats we enjoy grilling are seasoned with things like garlic and onion which are toxic to pets. Also a lot of these foods are greasy and can cause problems for a dogs stomach. Grapes, a staple in fruit salad are also very toxic to cats and dogs.
  • Leave your dog home if your going out to see fireworks! The noise can be very frightening to them causing them to pant excessively, hide, and shake. Make sure they have a safe space to retreat to and give them some of their favorite treats.
  • Don't pull a Beethoven! While the scene of giving a dog beer might have been funny in the movies, alcohol is actually very toxic to both dogs and cats. Make sure drinks are kept out of reach and any spills are cleaned up quickly.
  •  It's hot out there! Make sure your pets have continuous access to fresh water and cool shelter. Dogs who are enjoying the party outside should have a shady place with a full water bowl where they can relax. Even if your dog likes being outside, make sure to make them go inside to cool in the AC from time to time to prevent heat exhaustion.
  • Check your fences and gates BEFORE opening the backdoor. Fence latches easily pop open or guest can forget to close them leading to a dog accidentally getting out. If your having a lot of company, put signs up on both sides of the gate to notify visitors that the gate must remain closed.
  • Keep the cat inside this weekend. If you do have an indoor/outdoor cat, it would be better to have them stay in this weekend. The increased traffic, fireworks, and visitors can confuse and disorient a cat resulting in them getting lost or injured.
  • Watch the fire! Candles, open fire pit, BBQ, sparkles, matches, fuel, ect... These are all things you want to make sure are out of your pets reach. Dogs can chew on matches and accidentally start a fire, or get their tails burned in a fire pit. A happy wag or clumsy pup could knock over a lit candle. Make sure anything with an open flame is guarded from the dog and anything they could chew on is out of reach.
  • Streamers, ribbons, and other party favors... Should again be kept out of reach as animals may chew on them and could potentially cause a blockage in the intestines.

From all of us at Little Shelter, we hope you have a happy and safe Memorial Day!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Big Things Happen At Little Shelter - May 2017 Newsletter

Big Things Happen At Little Shelter! - May 2017 

Stories With Happy Endings Are The Best... 

Little Shelter's Adoption Of The Month: Tigger!

Some of you might remember the campaign we did back in February to help find Tigger a loving home. He arrived to Little Shelter with his two brothers when his owner passed away and there was no one to care for them. They had been adopted out as kittens many years ago and meant everything to their owner.
When they first arrived back at Little Shelter, the two brothers were very scared. Tigger would sit with them, purring and comforting them. He truly was their little hero as he assured his brothers everything was going to be okay. Within a few days the other two came out of hiding and following Tigger's lead, they all proved to be very friendly, cuddly cats.
We are happy to announce that in April, Tigger found his forever home and hero! Kurt and his mother came into Little Shelter looking for an adult kitty to adopt. When they met Tigger it was love at first sight and it was obvious Tigger felt the same. When they heard Tigger's story they knew that he had to be the one.
Shortly after being put in our free roaming cattery, one of the brothers was adopted and the other adjusted to life at Little Shelter. Now Tigger was able to grieve for the loss of his owner and everything he had ever known. Sadly he began to loose weight because he refused to eat. We began to campaign his story in hopes we may find him a loving home, he needed a hero of his own to save him.

Since he went home, Tigger has not left Kurt's side and the two have become the best of friends. Tigger will sit and listen to Kurt play guitar, snuggle with him every night in the bed and is always ready for cuddles. Tigger also has a kitty sibling in his new home that he has become very attached too. We could not be happier for Tigger, Kurt and the whole family!

What's Happening At Little Shelter...

Thank You Volunteers! - Volunteer Appreciation Day

On April 29th, Little Shelter held our annual Volunteer Appreciation Day. This special day is dedicated to those who have put in so much of themselves into the shelter. There is always someone to help take cats and dogs to an event or to the vet, to walk and socialize, from helping with repairs around the shelter to helping at events. Our volunteers go above and beyond for the well being of the animals and the big things that happen here would not be possible without them.

This year Little Shelter Volunteers were presented with special t-shirts that have the 90 years logo and enjoyed an afternoon buffet. For volunteers who have been with Little Shelter 15+ years, a dedication brick was made in their name for our new "walk of fame" to be unveiled this summer. Thank you to all our Volunteers for everything you do for the shelter and for the animals.

30 Dogs Rescued From Death Row

A transport of 30 dogs at risk for euthanasia were taken from multiple high-kill shelters in Texas and arrived to safety at Little Shelter on Sunday May, 7th. The dogs were transported in a vehicle caravan across states through Little Shelter's Passage To Freedom program. The dogs reached Little Shelter just after 9am Sunday morning where they were welcomed by Little Shelter Vet-techs and staff.

Little Shelter's Dog Program Manager is personally overseeing the operation to ensure that the dogs reach their destination safely. The dogs are of various breed mixes, range in size from 8 to 25 lbs, and age from 8 months to 9 years old. Many of these dogs are expected to be available for adoption after a brief quarantine period.  

Hamilton's Surgery Update

 Hamilton the sweet 8 year old Pitbull Mix has just had his final surgery! He arrived to Little Shelter with tow damaged Crucriate Ligaments in his hind legs that required surgery for repair. Hamilton is now happily resting after his last surgery to repair his other back leg. He will need a couple of months to recuperate and physical therapy before he will be able to walk with his full weight on his hind legs. You can read more about Hamilton by checking out our youcaring campaign and make a donation towards the cost of his care.
Find out more by clicking here.

Join Us For A Little Shelter Event!

Tickets on sale NOW! Little Shelter's exciting Mercedes-Benz Raffle is back and you have a chance to win $25K or a NEW CLA Mercedes-Benz. ONLY 600 tickets are available and one ticket is guaranteed to win! Tickets are $100 and all proceeds go directly to the dogs and cats of Little Shelter, so you can't loose.

-Mother's Day is right around the corner and a Mercedes-Benz raffle ticket makes a perfect gift to fit in her card to say I Love You!

Call: Arleen at 631-368-8770 ext. 26 or
Print out your entry form by clicking here.

Little Shelter Opportunities:

NOW HIRING Full-Time Veterinarian!

Little Shelter Animal Rescue is looking to hire a full time vet to work at our shelter. Candidates should be able to perform spays and neuters and other minor surgeries in our surgical room. For more info and if interested please email resume and salary requirements to: tito@littleshelter.com

This Month's Adoption Spotlight:
Gracie...A Dogs Journey Home
Gracie...A Dogs Journey Home (click image for video)
Meet Gracie!

Meet Gracie a 5 year old Spitz mix rescued from Thailand! Watch her story from rescue to learning "how to dog", and help us spread her story so she can find her one and only family! (click here for more info)
Fran Swan
Meet Fran Swan!
This beautiful young lady is Fran Swan, who came to little shelter in 2011. Fran is a little shy at first but with a little patience, you'll find she's extremely affectionate and playful. Come meet this young green eyed beauty today! (click here for more info)

Upcoming Little Shelter Events!

May Events Schedule

5/18: A Rescue Runway Fashion Show, Plainview
5/20: Sachem Library Pet Expo, Sachem
5/20: LI Kennel Club, Bethpage
5/21: LI Kennel Club, Bethpage

(click here or on calendar for details)