Friday, January 22, 2016

The Snow is coming....

So the verdict is in that this snow storm is happening. Today Little Shelter has been very busy in preparing itself incase we get a full on blizzard. Fingers are still crossed that we won't get as much snow as they are predicting but always better to play it on the safe side.

We have our snow shovels out, and pet safe ice melt ready to go!
Did you know regular ice melt can contain ingredients that are potentially harmful to your dogs paws and can be poisonous if ingested? So if possible, it's better to do a little research and try to find an ice melt that is non-toxic to pets. Regular ice melt contains ingredients that can dry out your dogs paws and potentially cause them to dry out and bleed. If you are taking your dog for a walk on salted sidewalks, it is recommended that you wipe down a dogs paws after the walk or have them wear booties to protect their paws.

In preparing for the snow storm here's a few other tips for pet owners:
  • Bring animals indoors, if for some reason you have an outdoor animal, try to make a spot where it can safely weather out the storm in a mud room, garage, basement, or spare bathroom. 
  • Don't leave animals unattended outside in the snow, even with the property fenced in. You never know how something might shift with the wind and snow, and an animal could potentially try to climb a mound or stack that is not stable. 
  • Even if your dog has a thick coat, keep an eye on how long they stay outside. Better to let them out for multiple short(er) play times than one long one where they might get too cold and possibly sick.
  • Especially for smaller dogs, but larger ones too: shovel paths for the animals to walk and "do there business". Small dogs can easily get buried in large snow drifts, and clumps of snow/ice between the toes of all sized dogs can be very discomforting, some dogs will limp due to the awkward feeling. 
  • Before letting your dogs run around in the snow, check that they are snow ready! Check the length of their claws, and make sure they are not too long. A long toe claw could potentially get stuck on something buried in the snow, or just caught on icy snow itself and leave the dog with a broken toe. OUCH!
  • If you dog is young, old, small, lean, short coated, or possibly non of the above, make sure they have a jacket ready so they don't risk getting sick out in the cold.  Not all dogs were meant for cold snowy weather, and sometimes, yes, the dog needs a sweater! When your dog comes in from play time in white, make sure you dry them off with a towel so they don't catch a chill.
  • Hot snacks! After snow play time, have some fun with your dog and give them extra treats, unseasoned cooked chicken or turkey can be an extra special snack to help warm them up.
These are just a few suggestions that we have to help you and your pet make the most of the snowy weather. Let me know what other things you do to make the best of the weather.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Our Princess is in Another Castle....

Finally Princess has found her furever home!

Princess is all hound, loving her treats and attention. She's made friends with pretty much everyone here at Little Shelter, and really has become the princess of Little Shelter. Princess had been a Little Shelter for a couple of months, and situated even longer at the place she was taken in from. This sweet girl came to Little Shelter very scared and shy, but with all the gentle love and coxing from the staff she showed her true happy colors.

However, we always hoped that her own family would come for her soon. Yesterday, that family came and she is now in a castle all her own. Many of the staff and volunteers came to see the adoption take place and to say their goodbyes to Princess. What started as a normal adoption, became an event as every one who has worked with her came to wish her off. Princess, was more than happy for all the attention and all the extra treats!

We could not be more happy to see her go home with a wonderful and loving family! Congratulations to Princess and her new family, may they enjoy many happy years together.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Cake Kittens Have Returned! And They Are Ready For Their New Homes!

Hello everyone,
Huge status update for you! Some of you might remember back in October we were collecting donations on a litter of kittens that we got from a town shelter right before their time was up. We lovingly call them the “Cake Kittens”.

Well, the kittens are now back at Little Shelter and ready for adoption! They have spent the past months in private foster getting bigger and stronger, while getting medical treatment. Swill Roll, our little black kitten is still waiting to have his bad eye removed as right now he's too small for surgery.

As a special thanks to everyone who donated for these little guy's care and to get you all excited, I have some sneak peak photos of the kittens. Now that they are ready for adoption, I don't think they'll be here long. All the kittens are extremely friendly, playful and affectionate.

The Cake Kittens 

 Cloud Cake (M)

Ring Ding (F)

 Swiss Roll (M)

 Zebra Cake (F)

Thank you to everyone who donated to help these kittens! Your donations really do make a difference. The kittens are eagerly awaiting for there new families to come in and bring them home, call the cattery today to come in and see them!

Little Shelter Animal Rescue
33 Warner rd, Huntington NY 11743
631.368.8770 ex. 32

Monday, January 4, 2016

Which came first, the pyramids in Egypt or the tabby cat?

January is Tabby Tuesdays! All tabby cats big and small get 50% off their adoption fee every Tuesday for the month of January!

In celebration of “Tabby Tuesday” I decided to do a little research on these guys. Tabby is one of the most common coat types found in the feline world. However, “common” is one word I would not use to describe these guys. So what exactly defines a tabby coat cat?

Mackerel Tabby
Spotted Tabby
Marbled Tabby
Ticked Tabby

One tail-tell sign that a cat has a tabby coat pattern is the distinctive marking of an “M” that appears on the forehead. While sometimes this marking can appear faint, or be partly obscured, all tabby cats do have the mark in some capacity. Tabby can occur as one of four types of body markings: mackerel, marbled, ticked, or spotted. The tabby coat pattern is recognized in at least 25 different breeds of cats, including the Egyptian Mau. Some cat fanciers believe the Egyptian Mau is directly descended from the original domesticated cats in Egypt.

There is another domestic cat that is rumored to go back even further than those of the Egyptians. This cat is known as the Cyprus Cat, hailing from the place of it's name, Cyprus. The oldest mummified cat found here, predates Egyptian depictions of cats by 4,000 years. This dates back all the way to the Byzantine Empire! This cat also seems to have been predominately depicted at a tabby coated cat.

The colorful coat pattern of the tabby cat makes it a supreme hunter, their coat is a natural camouflage to help them become invisible while hunting. Some of our favorite wildcats today would also be considered to have tabby coats, some examples are: Tiger (mackerel) Ocicat (spotted),  Bornean bay cat (ticked), King Cheetah (marbled). It seems our tabby is getting more and more interesting!

So the next time you see a tabby, remember that their coat is a banner of pride. They share their stripes and spots with their larger wild cousins, and it's markings were old to cat kind when man was still new. 

In the comments section below, let see some pics and comments about your tabby friends!