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February, 2019
Can Trix Look To You For Help?

Trix was found wandering the streets of Long Island with a severe eye infection that left her mostly blind. When she was picked up as a stray, an emergency alert for placement was sent out due to her medical condition. That’s whenLittle Shelter stepped in to save her.

Upon arriving at Little Shelter Trix's examination showed the infection in her eyes had reached a critical level and looked ready to rupture. It was clear she needed an emergency surgery to remove her eyes to prevent the infection from spreading. 

Trix is currently recovering at Little Shelter with staff caring for her special needs. She's just one example of the dogs and cats who arrive here every day looking for a second chance.

While Trix is learning how to do things all over again, Little Shelter is stuck coming up with the expenses for her surgery. Your donation can help us to continue to do life saving surgeries for dogs and cats like Trix.
Brynn Hanging Out With Her Bestie Blanche
The North Carolina Kittens Are Ready For Adoption
In late September, 6 tiny kittens made their way from North Carolina to Little Shelter following the devastation of Hurricane Florence. When the kittens first arrived they were very sick. They had upper respiratory infections and needed socialization. These little ones have spent the past couple of months receiving much TLC with some of Little Shelter’s finest foster families.

It’s now time for them to find their furever homes. Come down to Little Shelter this month and meet the Carolina kittens!
Join Little Shelter's Sponsorship Program!
For a small monthly donation you can change the life of a dog or cat at LittleShelter. Sponsorships can also be done in someone's name making them the perfect Valentine gift! For more information...

Call: 631-368-8770 ex. 26
Coconut Has Been Adopted!

What an AWESOME start to 2019! Our little Coconut found the perfect home during January. Coconut arrived at Little Shelter almost a year ago as part of an emergency transport after Hurricane Harvey. Everyone thought he would be adopted right away, but as each of his friends from Texas got adopted, Little Shelter staff noticed he needed a littlehelp to stand out.

Coconut is a great lap dog with people he trusts, but has a hard time opening up to potential adopters. He quickly gets over anxious and doesn't show well. Staff and volunteers worked with Coconut to try and help him learn to relax and to build up his confidence.

As January was approaching, Little Shelter staff was trying to prepare something special for his 1st Anniversary at Little Shelter. That’s when the best anniversary gift of all happened – Renee walked in asking to meet Coconut. It was love at first sight and days before what would have been Coconut’s Anniversary at Little Shelter – he went off to his furever home. Renee has sent us updates about how well Coconut is doing and the photos show his transformation from a nervous shelter dog to a loving companion. Congratulations to Coconut!
Meet Brynn:
Can Brynn be your bae this Valentine's Day?

Brynn loves to cuddle on the couch and lounge in pajamas all day. She's looking for a special someone who will take leisurely strolls through the park with her and play a game of catch. She enjoys snuggling in soft blankets and is willing to share her ice cream if you're willing to share your heart. Come meet her today at Little Shelter.
Meet Zack:
Zack was adopted out as kitten a few years ago but found himself back at Little Shelterwhen his owner moved into the in-law's house and poor Zack was not welcomed. In tears his owner brought Zack back to LittleShelter.

Now Zack is waiting for someone to adopt him. His only wish is to have a furever home that will actually be forever. He is a very social boy who loves to hang out with people and play with toys.

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January, 2019
Little Shelter's A Year In Review - 2018 Adoptions

Thank you to all the families who became a part of the Little Shelter family by adopting this past year. Here's a look back at all of our adoptions of 2018!
Little Shelter's A Year In Review - 2018 Puppy & Dog Adoptions Part 1
Little Shelter's A Year In Review - 2018 Puppy & Dog Adoptions Part 2
Little Shelter's A Year In Review - 2018 Cat & Kitten Adoptions
Thank you everyone for making 2018 such an awesome year!

Help us make a difference in the new year! - Your continued support will help ensure that 2019 is even better!
It's Been A Knock-Out Year!

Between Christmas and New Year's Eve, Little Shelter had two amazing adoptions that really left the staff blown away.

First were our girls Serena and Venus, a bonded pair that had been at Little Shelter for over a year. Venus was always watching over Serena, but loved getting attention and was even featured on TV a couple of times. Serena preferred to sit back and let Venus take the limelight, but you could never have one without the other. Despite their celebrity status, the right home just hadn't been found. Then one day shortly before Christmas, the perfect family walked into Little Shelter looking for two dogs and fell in love with our girls. Serena and Venus celebrated Christmas in their new home and we couldn't be happier for them and their new family.

While Serena and Venus we're getting ready to journey to their new home, Lola also found her special someone! Lola, who Little Shelter took in when her family could no longer care for her, had been having a difficult time finding the right adopter.

After taking Lola to multiple events, creating online campaigns to spread her story, she was still waiting to find her family. Then right before New Year's Eve, a young couple walked into Little Shelter and fell in love with Lola! She spent New Year's Eve in her new home and her family has said that she is thriving in her new environment.

With such and awesome end to 2018, we can't wait to see what next year has in store for us!
Meet Patricia:

Patricia it a lot of love in a small dog, she wants to be friends with everyone she meets and is all about getting affection. She loves going for walks, especially when there are new friends to be made. Patricia has a very easy going personality that would make her great for almost any household.
Meet Domino:

This endearing black and white kitty is looking for a special someone to give him a loving home. He’s a big boy who would love to be your personal shadow and lap warmer. Domino is a very special boy who enjoys being close to the one he loves. He’s been known to mew for affection from volunteers he has a special bond with. 

If Domino sounds like the cat for you, come meet him at Little Shelter today!