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Big Things Happen At Little Shelter! - January Digital Newsletter

January, 2018
Stories With Happy Endings Are The Best...
Noogie Has Found His Furever Home!
Noogie's story begins 5 years ago when he was brought to Little Shelter as a tiny kitten. He spent time with one of Little Shelter's best fosters before being ready for adoption. Noogie is a very affectionate cat who loves attention, but preferred to sit back while the other kittens clambered over families who came into adopt. As time went on our sweet wallflower grew up making friends with other kitties and staff at the shelter. Volunteers would spoil him with treats and toys, spending time giving him affection in hopes to bring him out of his shell.

Then suddenly one day in December, a family came in to adopt an older kitty. They wanted to give a special home to an adult cat as they knew that adults stay at a shelter longer than kittens. When they saw Noogie, they fell in love. Right before Christmas Noogie went home to spend the holidays with his new family.
Luna Has Found Her Furever Home!

Luna arrived to Little Shelter as one of our rescues from NYC AC&C. She had at one point been someone's beloved pet but was left sitting in a shelter crate wondering why she had been left behind. At 12 years old and being blind we are sure this was a frightening situation for her. However, it didn't take her long to fall in love with Little Shelter's staff once she arrived and she quickly bounced back showing everyone how loving she really is.

After getting a clean bill of health from Little Shelter's resident Vet it was time for her to find a furever home. Being blind, Little Shelter staff set out to find her the perfect home that would adore her for the special girl she was. Then in late December, just around Christmas a special adopter called to ask about her. Having two small Chihuahuas who are Little Shelter Alumni, she was looking to get a third. Hearing about Luna she fell in love with her story and asked to come in and meet her. All the dogs get along and it was clear that this is where Luna belonged. Luna spent Christmas with her new family and is doing great!
What's Happening At Little Shelter...
Little Shelter Welcomes Nina!

Nina's story doesn't start off as a happy one and we will never know the circumstance that led to us finding her, but rest assured she now has the life of a Queen at Little Shelter. Nina is a 3 year old Lhasa Apso mix and when Little Shelter staff found her, there was no doubt we needed to step in and help her any way we could!

Nina is partly paralyzed and runs round dragging her back feet behind her. However, Nina doesn't see herself as any different than any other dog. In fact, she's probably one of the happiest dogs we've ever met! She's all about love and kisses, tummy rubs and ear scratches - being quick to make friends with every person she meets.

Nina has been to a specialist for her condition, but unfortunately she is not a candidate for surgery. We do believe she might be able to recover some use of her legs over time through physical therapy. Everyday our team works with Nina to help her strengthen her back legs, she also needs assistance going to the bathroom but she doesn't mind.

Nina will be a resident of Little Shelter for next couple of months as we work with her to get stronger and better. We will continue to post updates about her progress as her therapy continues.

Dogs Rescued From 2017 Hurricane Disasters Find  Loving Homes

When hurricane Harvey was getting ready to first strike Texas, nobody could imagine the mass amount of devastation it was about to create, nor that this was only the beginning of multiple natural disasters to sweep US territory. In the coming weeks reports came in from all over the states and Puerto Rico of destruction, in the wake thousands of animals were displaced and had nowhere to turn. Little Shelter stepped in to rescue as many as we could.

Now months after, many of the rescued dogs have found themselves getting a second chance at a new life in a loving home. We wanted to take the time to thank everyone who has donated to the cause and who opened up their home to one of the special pups. Dogs that were at risk are now beloved family pets. Thank you to everyone who has helped and is continuing to help with our ongoing rescue efforts in these areas.

Thank You For Joining Us For A Little Shelter Event!
Director David Ceely With Winner Jacqualyn
Little Shelter's 21st Semi-Annual Mercedes-Benz Raffle
On Sunday, January 7th at 3pm the 21st Semi-Annual Mercedes-Benz raffle was held here at Little Shelter. Only 600 tickets were being sold and one lucky ticket holder was about to be announced the winner of $25,000 cash or a NEW Mercedes-Benz CLA class.

An eager crowd gathered to watch the drawing live at the adoption office as guest Sara Ann Fingerman along with Little Shelter Director David Ceely began the drawing. As the winning ticket number was called, the office broke into excitement as Jacqualyn who was sitting in the crowd had the winning ticket in her hands. Jacqualyn choose the $25,000 and left Little Shelter with her prize later that day.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the raffle which has helped raise thousands of dollars to benefit the Little Shelter animals.
This Month's Adoption Spotlight:

Meet Damascus the 5 year old Chow mix! He has been a resident of Little Shelter since March 2017 and is still waiting to find his furever family of his own. He is an energetic boy who loves going on walks in the woods. He enjoys large toys and ball which he can play with by himself. 
Pookie is a six year old cat itching for all of your love. This big boy is filled with big love, and will really melt for you for a good back scratch. Come by Little Shelter and meet this dedicated kitty today!
Little Shelter Opportunities:

We still have a few positions available! If you love spending time with funny felines, this could be the job for you! Little Shelter is looking for enthusiastic, self motivated individuals for our cat program! To apply please email resume to:

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

‘Tis The Season To Adopt

‘Tis The Season To Adopt – An Important Message For All Those Looking To Add To Their Family

Around the holidays Little Shelter sees an increase in families looking to add a new member to their family. This is a great time for young and old companions to find forever homes. However, before going out and adopting there are a few things that you should consider. 

No one can resist the adorable face of a puppy or a kitten and it's easy to want to take that little fuzzball home, but before you do - stop and think ahead
  • Are you ready for a 10+/20+ year commitment
  • Do you have the time to train a dog, walk them and play with them? 
  • With a cat are you willing to scoop a litter box every day, play with them and work with them to not scratch the furniture? 
  • When the cat/dog becomes a senior and needs special accommodations, are you willing to provide them with the special care they need?
*We here at Little Shelter do not support giving a life as a gift. A life should never be given as a surprise but rather an informed and planned decision

If you’re a parent giving your child a kitten/puppy and are prepared to take on the responsibility of the animal yourself, then there is a plan for the animal’s well being. However it is never a good idea to give a pet as a gift for a fiancĂ©, spouse, friend, parent, etc… Everyone who will live with the animal should be a part of this life changing decision. Most important is that the companion should fit the adopter, which is why the person who will be caring for the animal should come and meet them to determine if it’s the right companion for them. 

-If you still want to “surprise” a family member, there are other ways to do so. Give a card that inside contains a brochure about the rescue, or create a certificate that says “you’re getting a dog/cat”. You can put a date and time for when you will go together to rescues/shelter and pick out an animal. The kids will be plenty excited knowing they will get to go pick out a new friend!

-Little Shelter has had many families who bring the kids in for a “tour”, the parents don’t tell the kids they are adopting but rather they are going to spend some holiday time with the animals that have no families of their own. While the kids are interacting with the animals, the parents will put the one the kids like most on hold. The parents will then come alone to pick the new furry family member and “surprise” the kids.

*Please understand shelters and rescues have limited space, they do not have the capacity to “hold” the animal for you until Christmas Eve. They need the space to go save more lives! If you adopt and are planning on a surprise, please make prior arrangements with family or friends to “hide” the dog/cat.*

There are many things to consider when adopting a pet, the donation for adopting is just the beginning. Here is a small checklist of other immediate expenses an adopter should plan on if taking home a new friend:
  • Bed(s)
  • Toys – many different kinds, if you’re getting a puppy/kitten remember they may go through them very quickly!
  • FOOD!
  • Treats 
  • Wee wee pads or litter box
  • Litter
  • Dog Crate
  • Cat tree tower / cat scratchers
  • Collar/leashes
  • Flea/tick control
  • Nail clippers/shampoo
  • Pet safe cleaning supplies / Cord protectors /outlet covers
  • Doggie ramp
  • WELLNESS VISIT WITH YOUR VET ***It is always recommended that within the first few months you bring your new family member to your personal vet especially while the animal is healthy. This lets your vet and pet get to know each other. It establishes a baseline of health and lets your vet get to know the personality of the pet when they are feeling good.

Note this is only a partial list, research online to see what other things might be suggest for the pet/age/breed you are adopting. 

Suddenly not sure if this is the right time to adopt? That’s OKAY. Still want to help? YOU CAN! Get involved:

Little Shelter has a wonderful Foster Families Program where you can help rescue kittens and prepare them for homes. VOLUNTEER! Come be one of our volunteers and spend time with the dogs/cats here.
We hope you have a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year. If you are thinking of adopting this holiday season, please come down to Little Shelter where our knowledgeable staff would be happy to help you find your new best friend. Have a question? Give us a call at: 631-368-8770.

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