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Who Let The Dog Out – What To Do If Your Dog Gets Out

Who Let The Dogs Out! – What To Do In The Event Your Dog Gets Loose Outside

Even the most vigilant dog owner probably has a story about the one time their dog got out or off their leash. As we head into the part of the year where more people are heading outside with their dogs, Little Shelter wanted to help give some insight on what you should do if your dog somehow gets out.

*If you are with your dog when this happens, remain calm. Call the dog over to you and act like nothing is wrong. – If you change the tone of your voice or start acting in a different manner, your dog will notice and might avoid coming to you sensing something is wrong. Avoid having onlookers calling the dog, this can confuse him and make him nervous. As long as your dog knows basic commands and isn’t bolting away from you, in most cases they will return to your side.

*If the dog bolts away from you – Avoid having onlookers or friends chase after the dog, this can encourage the dog to continue to flee either out of fear or thinking that you’re playing a game. Follow the dog and wait till they stop, then call the dog to you as you normally would. Again, you want to focus on keeping the dog in your sight but do not let the dog sense you’re nervous/anxious.
What to do if your dog goes missing:

  • If applicable – Call the Rescue/Shelter you adopted the dog from! They will want to be notified and often have resources available to help you. Most rescues want to be notified immediately if a dog gets loose.
  • Print out COLOR flyers of the dog with a recent GOOD photo, specifically point out any unique markings. With smart phones and other technology that’s so common today, it’s pretty easy to get a clear photo of your canine friend. Make sure to get a photo from a well lit location, where details and colors are very clear. If there is a unique marking, make sure to photograph that.
  • Place flyers of your dog in EVERY mailbox in a 2-3 block radius. You’d be surprised how often dogs get out and bolt into the neighbor’s yard. Go around the neighborhood and place flyers on poles, community boards, in stores and anywhere else you can think of within a 5-10 mile radius.
  • Advise people NOT to leave food out. – Most dogs don’t travel far from home and are more likely to return if they can’t find food sources. People leaving food out have led to dogs remaining on the run for months. The only one who should leave food out is the owner.
  • Find out your options for a dog trap. – While cat traps are easy to manage, dog traps can be tricky and should be handled by someone with experience. If your dog is missing it’s advisable to contact your local town shelter or rescue to see if they have a trapper on staff who can help you, or if they can recommend a private service.
  • If your dog is microchipped, alert the company that the dog is missing and see what they can do to help. Many offer rewards and will automatically send out alerts to rescues, shelters, and vet offices.
  • Call and notify local veterinary offices about the missing dog and bring them a flyer. That way if a Good Samaritan brings in your dog, they can quickly notify you.

Of course the best way to retrieve a missing dog, is to not give them the opportunity to go missing in the first place. Here are some helpful tips to keep your dogs safe:

Before letting your dog out into the fenced yard, walk the perimeter and check that all gates are locked and there are no holes in or at the base of the fence or loose boards the dog can pull off. Also check that there is nothing leaning against the fence or stacked near it that the dog could use as a way to climb over.

Never leave dogs outside unattended; a dog who is being engaged won’t look for a way out. Also small dogs should never be unattended as they can be prey for foxes and predatory birds.

Keep dogs from jumping out of the car during travel by having them buckled in and keep the windows closed or only cracked. Not only will this keep them safe in the case of an accident, but will also prevent them from distracting you while on the road.

Avoid screen doors and windows. – Dogs can bust right through door screens as well as window screens. If you want to open the window, open the top panel instead of the bottom to decrease the chances of Fido jumping through the screen.

***Always make sure you dog is collared with ID tags when in the home and outside. Make sure all ID tags and microchips are up to date with current information***

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

July, 2019
Will You Help Daisy Walk Again?

Daisy is a 4 year old Shih-tzu who arrived at the Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC). Not much was known about her past except that she was found in a basement abandoned by her owner, severely matted, injured and crying to be saved.

What they found under her matted and dirt caked fur was heartbreaking. - Her right paw was missing leaving only a bone exposed forelimb. It’s hard to say if this happened due to the constrictions of the matted fur or by some other means, but the wound needed immediate treatment. Daisy's left paw was also badly damaged.
There was a chance her left paw could be salvaged, but it required more resources than theshelter had available. That's when Little Shelterscooped Daisy up and brought her to Huntington.

Daisy needs a custom splint to correct the damage to her left leg and give her more stability. Once her left leg is corrected we can get her fitted for a prosthetic for her right leg that will allow her to be able to play with others and live a normal life. Cost for a custom splint and an orthodic are $3,000. Little Shelter needs your help to raise the funds to give Daisy the life she deserves.
Mom And Kittens Rescued From Home Depot

A mother cat and her five kittens were spotted hiding in the rafters of the Huntington Home Depot. Concerned for the welfare of the kittens, employees contacted Little Shelter to ask for help. Knowing that the kittens were in danger of falling, Little Shelter quickly came to the rescue. The whole family was trapped and transported to Little Shelter for medical treatment and are now in foster care until the kittens are old enough to be adopted. Rescues like these are possible thanks to your continued support.
July 20th
Christmas In July
Join Little Shelter & Santa for a fun afternoon of photography and furry goodness! With just a $10 donation toLittle Shelter you can have a 5x7 family photo with you and your pets.
August 17th & 18th
SAVE THE DATE! Pet-a-Palooza is happening soon. Little Shelter's 22nd Annual Pet-A-Palooza is only a few short weeks away. We have hundreds of puppies, kittens, dogs and cats all getting ready for the big adoption debut on August 18th.

If you are looking to adopt a new family member this is the best time of the year to come down to LittleShelter. We have companion animals of all different ages, breeds, colors and sizes. There is someone for any type of household.

Pet-A-Palooza is more than just adoptions, come participate in our famous Chinese Auction, enjoy BBQ at old fashion prices, bring the kids for our game corner and more. 
Call: 631-368-8770 ext. 26
Decker, Sunshine, and Morrigan
Have Been Adopted!

Little Shelter had an amazing adoption this past month at our Cattery, not just one but THREE adult cats found the purr-fect family. After coming to LittleShelter to adopt a kitty companion for their son, Mom and Dad also fell in love - each with a different cat. Not wanting to have to decide, they took all three!

The son fell in love with little Sunshine, a senior kitty who was surrendered after her owner passed away. Mom adored Decker who was recently found living under a deck on Warner Rd. Little Shelter treated him for injuries on his back when he first arrived and got him all ready for a furever home. Last but not least, Dad fell in love with Miss Morrigan the sassy calico who has been waiting patiently for her furever person for three years.

Their family has informed us that each of the kitties had adjusted to their new home and are very happy.
Bella The Wonder Pug Has Been Adopted!

We are so excited that our very special Pug on wheels - Bella has found herself the perfect furever home. This sweet little girl who started her journey as an emergency transport from the Mayor's Alliance for ACC Animals, stole the heart of everyone she met at Little Shelter. Bella loves people and is never shy about asking for affection.

With the help of Little Shelter's medical staff, she started learning how to walk again. Now she can take short walks without her wheel cart! The only thing that was missing was a happy ending for her story. Bella didn't have to wait long! Sure enough her story of the pug on the go caught a lot of attention and a great family with furry siblings showed up to take Bella home. 
Holden is available for adoption at Little Shelter Sanctuary! 
Holden is an 8 year old lab mix who loves people. He is an oversized teddy bear that enjoys snuggling with his favorite people. Holden has a lot of fun running around in the Sanctuary dog runs and his handlers say that he listens very well to commands. He also enjoys going for daily walks through the Sanctuary trails and hanging out by the pond.

Holden is located near the Whitney Point/ Vestal/Binghamton area and potential adopters should call Little Shelter Sanctuary to schedule an appointment to meet him.

Please call: 607-692-2036 if you are interested in adopting Holden.
Meet Emilia:

Emilia is a super friendly cat who is just looking for someone who wants to be her best friend. She LOVES people and follows staff back and forth throughout the cattery.
Meet Randy:

Randy is a sassy girl who was rescued from Puerto Rico through Little Shelter's Passage to Freedom program. She's looking for a special someone to share her golden years.
Part-Time Cattery Caretaker
If you love cats then Little Shelter’s open plan cattery is the perfect working environment for you. What better way than to spend your day working amongst more than 300 purring felines. An average day will include cleaning, feeding, snuggling, and showing cats.

The ideal candidate for this position will have a flexible work schedule with one weekend day required. Part-time positions available.
Part-Time Canine Handlers & Adoption Counselors
If you enjoy spending time with ‘man’s best friend’ then this could be the job for you! Little Shelter is looking for enthusiastic, self motivated individuals to work in our dog and adoption departments.

The ideal candidate for this position must be flexible and be able to commit to a set schedule with one weekend day required.
Must be a team player and have reliable transportation!
Learn How You Can Help Little Shelter Today
Suffolk County's first Humane Society, Little Shelter is dedicated to saving all companion animals whose lives are in jeopardy. Age, physical condition, and socialization issues are never criteria for rescuing a dog or cat whose life is in jeopardy. We rescue from kill shelters on Long Island, in New York City, and in several southern states. Located in Huntington, NY. Little Shelter is also a part of the Mayor's Alliance for NYC Animals. Learn more