Sunday, June 10, 2018


June, 2018
Little Shelter’s Passage To Freedom Program Continues Lifesaving Transport Efforts In Puerto Rico 

Much of Puerto Rico is still faced with devastation and destruction from last fall’s hurricane season. In a place where there's little resources for the stray dogs and cats who run the streets, the animals are the greatest victims during such disasters. In a continued effort to save lives, Little Shelter has been rescuing dogs and bringing them back to the safety of Huntington.

In a case like Ebony’s, it was the second chance that Ebony and her puppies desperately needed.They were going to be euthanized until Little Shelter stepped in. Mom was a young dog who was very friendly and her puppies were eager to play and give kisses. Within a few weeks, Ebony and her puppies were given a clean bill of health and adopted into loving homes.

Right now Little Shelter has just taken in four puppies that are only five months old from Puerto Rico. These youngsters are very sweet and will be ready to start obedience classes right away. We still have multiple transports scheduled to help animals in need in Puerto Rico. Please donate today to our transport efforts to help more dogs like Ebony and all the puppies.
June 9th
Best In Show Pet Resort
Join Little Shelter at Best In Show Pet Resort on June 9th to celebrate their 10 Year Anniversary. Come meet some of our adoptable dogs and enjoy refreshments, music, giveaways and more.
June 24th
Little Shelter's 22nd Semi-Annual Mercedes-Benz Raffle
Little Shelter's Mercedes-Benz raffle is back! 1 in 600 will WIN a brand new CLA class Mercedes or $25,000 cash. Call 631-368-8770 ext. 26 today to get your ticket. Learn More
Nina’s story began back in November when she first arrived at Little Shelter as part of a NYC Mayor’s Alliance transport. We didn’t know what to expect when the van pulled up, all we knew was that her back legs were paralyzed and she needed help. Sitting in the shelter system Nina's future didn't look bright and Little Shelter had stepped in to save her. When she came off the transport she was very happy to meet everyone and wanted to explore her new surroundings.

Little Shelter knew we could give her tragic story a happy ending and went to work to see what we could do about her situation. After all sorts of tests, x-rays, an ultrasound and more, we learned that her injury was old and inoperable. Little Shelter did not loose hope, our amazing medical staff worked with Nina on a daily basis, moving her back legs and trying to get her to support her own weight. She was soon fitted for a custom-made wheel chair that allowed her to get around easily and over greater distances. Nina loved her new found mobility that gave her so much freedom. Now it was time to find her a home…

One morning as Little Shelter's staff had Nina in the adoption office, discussing a plan to get her story out to the public, a very special family came in. They had adopted from Little Shelter many times, including dogs with special needs. When they saw Nina running around in the office they fell in love and knew she belonged with them. We’re happy to announce that Nina has been adopted by an amazing family who loves her for who she is. Thank you to everyone who has donated to Nina’s care over the past couple of months and helped her overcome all obstacles. 
Lola is a lovable 5 year old Lab/Pit mix available for adoption at Little Shelter. She is an affection-driven dog who loves sitting at your feet and gives kisses. She enjoys meeting new people and will greet staff and volunteers when out on walks.

Lola likes older children and would do great in a household with an active family who can give her the time and training to be the best girl she can be. This mushy girl is available for adoption now. Come meet Lola today.
Kitten season is here at Little Shelter! We have many kittens available for adoption ranging in all different colors, sizes and ages.

Come into Little Shelter today to meet our adoptable kittens, our knowledgeable staff can assist you in selecting the perfect kitty companion for your household.

We have more kittens becoming available for adoption weekly, so check back frequently to see who is available now.
Learn How You Can Help Little Shelter Today
One of Long Island's oldest no-kill shelters, Little Shelter is dedicated to saving all companion animals whose lives are in jeopardy. Age, physical condition, and socialization issues are never criteria for rescuing a dog or cat whose life is in jeopardy. We rescue from kill shelters on Long Island, in New York City, and in several southern states. Located in Huntington, NY. Little Shelter is also a part of the Mayor's Alliance for NYC Animals. Learn more

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Some Days Are Full Of Surprises

Every day at Little Shelter we get calls about dogs and cats in need of help, with kitten season upon us there has never been a more crucial time for fosters and donations. 
It was just a normal work day for one worker at his local company. Working in a warehouse setting the place was abuzz with forklifts and other industrial machines going back and forth. However this day had a surprise in store for the workers at this warehouse.
As Matt was running the forklift he suddenly heard the soft sound of kitten crying. He immediately stopped the forklift and began searching for the source of the cries. It didn't take long for him to locate not one but four tiny kittens underneath a pallet near where he was working. "Somehow my hearing is so fine tuned to cats I can hear little mews over the sound of a forklift. When I found them, their eyes were barely open and they could fit in my palm." Matt commented.
The location of the kittens was in a very dangerous place that would have resulted in a tragedy if it hadn't been for their rescuer. Being an active work site there was no safe place for these kittens to stay. Knowing time was of the essence Matt contacted Little Shelter right away in hope of guidance as to what he should do.
When Little Shelter heard the story, we knew we had to step in. Mom had not returned and with the kittens being only two weeks old they needed to be kept warmed and fed every two hours. Some of the kittens were also suffering from bad eye infections. Little Shelter took the four young kittens in and began treating them.

These kittens are now in the care of Little Shelter's Foster Families Program, but we need donations to keep them and other kittens who arrive healthy and happy. These kittens will need around the clock care, with feeding every two hours until they are old enough to start eating on their own. The kittens need formula, food, bottles, toys and lots of love. Before they will be ready for adoption they will need to have vaccinations. We need YOU to donate today to help us care for these kittens and the 200 other we are expected to save this year.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Big Things Happen At Little Shelter! - April Digital Newsletter

April, 2018
Stories With Happy Endings Are The Best...
Be Be Has Found Her Furever Home!

Be Be arrived to Little Shelter when her original owner was moving and no one else in the family could care for her. At 14 years old Little Shelter knew we had to do everything we could to find her a home. Our staff and volunteers set to work posting her story and pictures on facebook in hopes to find the right family for her.

Be Be arrived to Little Shelter in August and now it was almost the end of March and the right family had not be found for Be Be. Our staff and volunteers worked very hard over the months to find her a home since senior cat adoptions historically take longer, but Little shelter never gave up! We were determined to find her a home. During a meeting a collaborative campaign was suggested as a new step to help spread Be Be's story and it turned out to be very successful. With the new launch of her story through media we knew someone would come in to adopt Be Be.

Shortly after seeing Be Be's story online, a young woman came in and asked to meet her right away. The two fell in love at first sight and it was decided that Be Be would spend the rest of her golden years with her. Be Be has settled into her new home and couldn't be happier. We've been told she walks around like she has always lived there and loves to snuggle in the bed. Congratulations to her and her new mom!
What's Happening At Little Shelter...
Nina's Incredible Journey - Looking For A Happy Ending

Back in January we introduced you to Nina, our partly paralyzed rescue. We are happy to announce that she is now looking for a loving family to complete her journey here at Little Shelter. We need your help sharing her story so that we can find her the perfect home.

*A home experienced with special needs pets would be awesome for Nina, but a home with willingness and time to learn how to help Nina through everyday situations, like potty breaks, would be just as good.
Click on the video image to watch her rescue and transformation. Her courage is an inspiration for those around her at Little Shelter.

Donate Today To Nina's Continued Care
April Is Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals Month

As the saying goes: "if you see something, say something..." Nothing changes unless we are the ones to make that change.

Little Shelter would like to remind everyone that if you see or suspect animal cruelty, please contact your local SPCA or law enforcement to report the incident. Our flyer on the right can be printed out and explains what information is needed to make a report. It takes all of us working together to resolve this issue.
Little Shelter's 91st Anniversary

On Sunday, April 29th Little Shelter will be celebrating 91 years of saving the lives of homeless dogs and cats. There will be a public celebration from 3-5pm at Little Shelter.

Drinks and light refreshments will be served and we strongly encourage Little Shelter's supporters to come down and partake in the festivities. The grounds will be open for tours of the facility.
Join Us For A Little Shelter Event!
Town Of Huntington Cat Shelter Holds Re-Grand Opening

On Saturday, May 12th the Town of Huntington Cat Shelter will have its Re-Grand Opening and ribbon cutting ceremony from 12pm to 3pm. Little Shelter began managing the facility earlier this year and has already had huge success with our first Kitten Palooza.

We invite all supporters, adopters, volunteers and Huntington residents to join us for this monumental event as a new chapter in rescue begins this day.

The facility is fully operational and has been providing the residents of Huntington township with much needed assistance including adoptions, low cost spay and neuters and much more. The new facility has also strengthen Little Shelter's relationship with the Town Of Huntington Dog Shelter as we continue to work with the town shelter in the interest of reducing the amount of homeless cats and dogs in the area.
This Month's Adoption Spotlight:

This sweet girl is only 3 years old. She is a special needs dog and uses a wheel cart to get around. Nina is looking for a home experienced with special needs pets, but a home with willingness and time to learn how to help Nina through everyday situations, like potty breaks, would be just as good. Come by Little Shelter and meet Nina today! 
This beautiful young lady is Fran Swan, she is a sweet and playful girl who loves affection and playing with a kitty dancer. She is very personable and likes to follow her favorite staff members around. Fran Swan would do well as an only cat or a multi cat household where she could have some playmates. Come meet Fran Swan at Little Shelter Animal Rescue & Adoption Center
Little Shelter Opportunities:

With a second facility up and running, the need for fosters has never been greater. Kitten season is just around the corner and we need dedicated families to join our life-saving foster program. There are so many kittens born every year on Long Island; we can't do it by ourselves. With expectations running high to take in kittens this spring alone, we need families who will raise and socialize them until they are ready for adoption. The more families who join our Foster Family Program, the greater the impact we can make. Remember, for each kitten you foster you are saving two lives - the one you foster and the one who can take it's place. Help us help them by signing up today.
We provide a cage, bedding, food, toys, litter pan and anything else they need - our fosters provide the love, fun and interaction that the kittens need to prepare them for loving homes. Fostering is a volunteer position and a truly rewarding experience. If you or someone you know would be interested in joining our Foster Families Program please contact Little Shelter today for more information and to schedule an appointment.