Friday, March 24, 2017

You Can Help Vino And His Friends Walk Again! ...Click Here To Find Out How

 Little Shelter rescues 3 dogs with broken legs who were faced with euthanasia...

Three dogs that were turned in as strays into a town shelter were limping and showing other signs of having broken legs. Due to the number of dogs that come through this municipal shelter on a daily basis, the dogs were each at risk for euthanasia. Knowing the dogs had only a few hours to escape their fate, one of the staff members reached out to Little Shelter to see if we could take the dogs.


Upon hearing the dogs' plight, Little Shelter agreed to take all three dogs right away. The dogs are all young and have a long life ahead of them. We couldn't allow their life to get cut short from something that could be treated. The dogs are already being scheduled to see the Medical Director to decide the best course of action to heal their legs.


Little Shelter is currently collecting donations to help cover the cost of their surgeries.  While we don't know their past, we are committed to giving these dogs a better future and with a speedy recovery they will be ready to find a furever family in no time.
If you would like to Donate to their recovery fund, please follow the link below.
Click Here To Make A Donation

Thursday, March 16, 2017

big things happen at little shelter march 2017



March, 2017 Digital Newsletter

Stores With Happy Endings Are The Best...

Little Shelter's Adoption Of The Month: Mavis!

When Mavis first arrived to Little Shelter she was in bad shape. She had suffered an accident that resulted in multiple bone fractures. To heal, she needed to be in a full chest cast and kept on complete cage rest. However, she is a very strong spirited dog and always seemed to be happy and eager to meet people as they came through the kennels. All the staff at Little Shelter that spent time with Mavis fell in love with her and they decorated her cast to be bright and happy. Most people who passed through the kennels thought the cute little dog was wearing a sweater! After 2 months of cage rest this fluffy girl was fully healed and able to have her cast removed. This also meant she was now ready to find a home of her own. In less than a week of being available she was adopted into a loving family with a furry sibling to play with. Little Shelter was there for her when she was at her most dire time of need and helped her get the happy ending she deserved.

What's Happening At Little Shelter...

Little Shelter's Passage To Freedom Program Rescues 10 Dogs From 

Korean Meat Trade

Little Shelter's Passage To Freedom Program has just rescued 10 dogs who faced certain death in Korea. The dogs had been raised for food in the Korean Meat Trade and were to be brought for slaughter when a local rescue group, Free Korean Dogs, intervened. While these dogs had escaped their cruel fate, the relief was only temporary as they still needed a safe place to go. Little Shelter stepped in to give them the safety they needed and a chance at a home. After a long and tempestuous journey, the dogs finally arrived to safety on Monday, February 27th. The Korean dogs are between 4-15lbs and range in age from 9 months old to 3 years old. As part of the shelters protocol the dogs have been kept quarantined for two weeks in Little Shelter's new ISO room where they have had time to settle down and become familiar with the staff. Some of the dogs will be available for adoption this Saturday, March 16th.

Come Join Us For A Little Shelter Event!

9th Annual Lunch-in at Tula Kitchen

Jackie Sharlup, owner of Tula Kitchen, will be hosting her 9th annual lunch-in fundraiser event to benefit the animals of Little Shelter. This fun event will be held this Sunday, March 19th from Noon to 3pm and will offer Tula Kitchen's famous hours d'oeuvers as well as a cash bar and a live band. We are excited to announce that this year for the first time Tula Kitchen will have their full kitchen open during the event. While we encourage everyone to enjoy the hours d'oeuvers that will be passed around, entrées can be ordered for your enjoyment. (Not included in ticket price) Little Shelter will be bringing some of their adoptable dogs for a meet and greet outside with potential adopters. There will also be one of Little Shelter's famous Chinese Auctions towards the end of the event where attendees will have a chance to win some amazing prizes including a chance to win a Mercedes-Benz raffle ticket. Tickets for this fun filled event are $30 each. All proceeds go directly to the continued care of the animals at Little Shelter Animal Rescue.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Preparing For A Blizzard....

Are You Prepared For Tonight's Blizzard? Here's How To Protect Your Pets!....

With the current predictions of Long Island getting a heavy snow fall starting early Tuesday morning in excess of a foot and blizzard conditions, Little Shelter wants to help you be prepared. Little Shelter would like to offer some helpful information to help keep our friends and their furry loved ones safe.
With better preparedness we can help keep our four legged family members safe from harm. Remember, it's not just about preparing for the storm but the aftermath as well. In the event of being snowed in for a few days, you want to make sure you are well stocked in case delivery trucks and other transports can not access all of Long Island for a couple of days.
Keep your eyes on the weather reports and stay alert to what's going on around you so you do not get caught by surprise.
Here are some ways you can help prepare for a coming Hurricane or tropical storm:
  • Have some bottled water for you and your pets in case the pipes freeze, plus at least two weeks worth of pet food.
  • Make sure that if your animals are on medication, that you have enough to last at least two weeks.
  • Bring any outdoor animals inside, the freezing temperatures expected are lethal for animals and there is a potential for them becoming trapped in the snow.
  • If you have to let your dog out, make sure they are on a leash. Small dogs especially can have difficult in heavy snow, clear a path so they can easily walk.
  • Check paws after the dog has been outside, use a warm washcloth to remove ice/snow that may be trapped in between toes. Wash paws after walking to remove salt which can be toxic if ingested.
  • Keep walks and outside time brief and closely monitored. If your dogs skin turns red, white, or grey and scaly you must contact your vet immediately as they may have frostbite.
  • Have extra warm towels and blankets ready just in case you should need them.
  • Stock up on batteries and flashlights. If you plan to use candles, make sure the are secured in a place where animals can not knock them over.
  • Get a LED collar and put it on your dog or cat. If the power goes out, you will still be able to locate them in the house and when you have to let the dog out, it will help you keep an eye on their location in possible blizzard conditions.

Friday, February 17, 2017

This Little Hero Is Looking For Someone Who Will Be His Hero...

 Everyone needs a hero at some point in their life. When his brothers were scared, Tigger was the hero for them. Now, Tigger needs someone to be his hero that takes him to his "happily ever after"...

Tigger had been adopted out as a kitten with his brothers by a very loving man,  who gave them his all and cherished each of them as a beloved family member. Now a number of years later their owner had suddenly passed away and with no one left to care for them, Little Shelter stepped in to help.

When I first met Tigger he was in an isolation room with his two brothers, Peanut & Nugget. They were very sacred as they had no idea what was happing. Nugget was in a corner, pinning himself to the wall and his brother Peanut was buried under a blanket near him. Then there was Tigger...
He was lying in between them, kneading the blanket where Peanut was hiding and nuzzling Nugget's side. Tigger was calm and relaxed, it was obvious that he was trying to comfort his brothers and let them know everything was going to be okay. Eventually Tigger came over and laid in my lap purring as if to show the others that they were safe. He seemed like a little hero, trying to comfort his brothers while their whole life had been torn apart.

Within a few weeks the brothers were introduced to the main section of Little Shelter Cattery. Nugget was quickly adopted while Peanut adjusted to his new surroundings and is very happy here. Tigger was no longer needed to be their hero to comfort them.
Tigger who must have felt all alone, would walk around the cattery unable to settle down and sometimes he would mew for seemingly no reason. The loss of his owner who cherished him, his home where he felt safe and the loss of everything he had ever known since kitten-hood, began to take its toll. Volunteers and staff spent time with him, gave him extra treats and special food. If he was napping and they called his name Tigger would lift his head and mew, but soon he would only lift his head, he has stopped mewing altogether.
 The staff soon noticed Tigger had started losing weight and was hardly eating, we placed him on an appetite stimulant concerned about his sudden changes in behavior. Both staff and volunteers make a point of spending time with him each day, talking to him and petting him. We found that if we are petting him and put a plate of food down, Tigger will eat more.

We have started taking turns spending time with him when food is served to encourage him to eat. We are doing everything we can for Tigger, from lavishing him with attention, giving him special treats or just sitting with him. He still purrs, you can see it in his eyes that he is grateful, but you can also see the sadness that life in a shelter, no matter how good, cannot take away.

Tigger loves affection; he enjoys being pet, having his ears rubbed and his chin scratched. He loves to snuggle and will mew to greet someone he's bonded with. We are asking Little Shelter's friends and family to help us help him, to be his hero. Tigger needs to be in a home where he has someone who will devote themselves to him just as much as he will to them. He has lived his whole life in a home as a beloved family member and we want to help spread his story, so that his special someone will come find him...

 If you are interested in Tigger, please contact Little Shelter at: 631-368-8770 ex. 32
Or come visit Tigger at Little Shelter, 33 Warner rd, Huntington, NY 11743

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Small Dogs Available Now!

Looking for a small dog? 

Little Shelter has many small dogs available for adoption now!

Many small dogs have very strong personalities and are better suited for quiet, adult homes. Small dogs can be a little bit more sensitive to change than some larger breeds and can get easily stressed or over stimulated. Small dogs do make great companion animals but it’s important to take things at the dogs pace to gain their trust. Most small dogs tend to bond with someone better when you are willing to wait for them to come to you, rather than forcing your affection on them. 

Here at Little Shelter we have some wonderful small companion dogs waiting for their furever homes. Each one has their own personality and needs, read bellow about each of these special pups:


Rio is a 7 year old silver Yorkie with a lot of energy. He never seems to tire when on walks and loves to romp around and explore. He is playful and likes to chase after squeaky toys and balls, but he’s not always good at giving them back. Rio is a boy who likes to go and do his own thing but when he’s bonded to someone, he will sit in their lap or next to them. He needs someone who can work with him and teach him manners and house breaking, but understands he does have a short attention span. He is vocally opinionated and would not be suitable for an apartment living. He would be the perfect walking buddy and a great companion who will keep you laughing with his silly antics, such as dancing on his hind legs for treats. Rio has made a few doggie friends at Little Shelter and could go home with another dog after meeting them.


This handsome boy is Clancy, a 10 year old Lhasa Apso with an adorable snaggle-toothed smile and spunky personality. He does take a while to warm up to new people, but for those who will work with him, they will have the most loyal companion out there. Once he bonds to someone, his eyes light up when he sees them and he gets a burst of puppy energy! He loves going on short runs, bounding up and down like a little deer and he will playfully paw at your legs for attention. Clancy is looking for someone to spend the rest of his life with and to be their one and only fur baby. He is extremely loyal to the people he loves and likes to put on a show! He will prance on his hind legs, spin in circles and bound across the yard, all for your attention. If he sounds like the guy for you, come to Little Shelter and meet Clancy today.


Meet Doris the senior mini pin, she is 12 years old and a total mush for attention! Doris can be a little shy when first meeting someone new, but once she has bonded to someone she can only be described as extremely loving. To her, the whole world revolves around her person and she will do anything to get their affection. She loves to spend the day sleeping in the lap of someone she’s close to or otherwise sleeping next to them. Doris loves going on short walks and being able to explore her surroundings. Doris does require some special accommodations in a home as she sometimes has accidents when she stands up. A potential adopter would need to be okay with putting her in doggie diapers or providing her with a home environment with the understanding that accidents will happen. Her favorite thing is her lambie which she is pictured laying on. She loves lambie more than any dog bed and can be usually found curled up on it. Doris is looking for a forever home that understands her needs and someone that she can spend the rest of her golden years with.


Katy is a very special little Chihuahua with a very peculiar quirk, she purrs like a cat! When this little girl is nestled in your lap (her favorite spot!) and enjoying being pet, you will hear a low growl coming from her. After the first couple of times this happened, we realized this was her way of showing happiness. She will stay in your lap for hours just “purring” as you pet her and taking chew treats from your hand. She can be a bit overprotective of whoever’s lap she is laying in, so it’s best to let others know not to pet her when someone is holding her. She needs someone who understands to go slow with her and gain her trust. Once she’s bonded to you she can be a total mush who goes belly up for tummy rubs or will jump in your lap for cuddles!


When you first see Pebbles running around chasing toys, you would find it hard to believe this little Shih-Tzu is 10 years old. She is a spunky girl who has a high level of energy and loves going for brisk walks or chasing toys. She can be a bit picky with whom she bonds too, but if she does bond to you, she is extremely loving and cuddly. She can be a little protective of her food or toys when she doesn’t know someone very well, but is fine with sharing once she trusts you. If you’re looking for a lovely lady to make you smile, come to Little Shelter and meet Pebbles today.


Gyro is a 5 year old Chihuahua mix who is a sweet boy but really needs someone who can work with him on trusting others. He likes to sit on laps and enjoys belly rubs but can easily become nervous if scared. He needs someone who can work with him on basic training and teach him that it’s okay to share with others. When he likes someone, he can be very playful and has a lot of energy to chase toys or go on walks. He needs a quiet adult household where he can feel safe and relaxed with someone who will train him to have good manners.

Call Little Shelter for more information on each of the dogs listed above, our knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can also come down to Little Shelter and request to meet them.

Call: 631-368-8770 
Little Shelter | 33 Warner Rd | Huntington, NY | 11743

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

From Nov. 6th to Nov. 12th, It's National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week!

The first full week of November is National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week. Little Shelter would like to thank all of our hard-working volunteers for the sacrifice and service they do at the shelter for the benefit of the animals. We would also like to thank all our donors and sponsors whose contributions keep the shelter running. Without you, we would not be able to carry out our mission, to help animals in need who have nowhere to go. 

Being that Little Shelter is donation based, our donors and sponsors keep the shelter running. The donations take care of everything from beds and food for the animals, to paying the heat and maintaining our rescue vehicles. Little Shelter extends beyond just local rescue; we run a number of programs to benefit the community. From our ASK program that provides pet food to families who are facing financial hardship, to education programs to teach children how to care for animals and service animals who visit senior facilities.

Little Shelter is more than just an animal shelter, it is a family and our donors and sponsors are part of that family, allowing us to continue the work we do to help others.

Our amazing volunteers are the back bone of Little Shelter. They come in to spend time with the dogs, taking them on extra walks, sometimes even bringing them treats of home cooked meals. They bring toys to the cats and spend hours socializing kittens or working with an adult cat to teach them to trust in humans again. Some of our volunteers are regular handymen who are always fixing things around the shelter, from painting to roofing, installing doors and fixing washers. No matter what the task, our volunteers are here to help and their dedication is what makes Little Shelter what is it.

 Last but not least, we would like to thank the staff of Little Shelter who arrive at the crack of dawn and leave in the late hours of the night. No matter what the weather they arrive to take care of the animals and work tirelessly to get them into loving permanent homes.

During National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, we would like to see our Little Shelter family get involved to show thanks to those who do so much for the shelter! Please, take a moment and send us your story of how Little Shelter has affected your life. Either email us at or comment on facebook.
  • Share with us your adoption story and send photos of your Little Shelter Alumni!
  • Take a minute to Post a review on YELP! Facebook, Or Google
  • Post a Thank You to our volunteers and staff on Facebook
  • Make a donation to our Food Pantry or donate extra blankets/towels
  • Recommend Little Shelter to someone you know is looking for a furry family member
  • Can't Adopt? Call about our Sponsorship program where for a small monthly amount you can sponsor an animals care!

Little Shelter is celebrating over 89 years of rescue because of donors, volunteers and adopters like you!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Happy Fall!

There are many great festivities that you, your family and your pets can do in the fall. However, there are also a few things pet parents should be aware of to protect their four legged family members. This article will go over some of the fun festivities available and some of the dangers to be aware of.

Living on Long Island I grew up with the tradition of going apple picking and pumpkin picking in the fall. All you have to do is drive out east and you will find a plethora of farms that host various kinds of “Pick Your Own.” Many of them have websites and you can find out if they are having any special events. A number of them do allow leashed dogs, plus your dog can enjoy a healthy snack of apple slices and fresh pumpkin! (Just make sure there are no spices on it)

As the weather begins to cool, it’ll be easier to take your dog on longer walks without worry of heat exhaustion or burning asphalt. On Long Island we have a number of dog friendly parks that offer hiking trails where you can take in the sights of the leaves changing colors. I frequently take my dog to Blydenburgh County Park, where there are many trails following the lake, it is a beautiful place to go especially during the changing season. This is a great way to get you and your family out for exercise and your dog will most certainly enjoy it.

Speaking of trails… Long Island is all around a historical area and many of the towns host a slew of events geared towards this. From Ghost Tours to festivals it feels like every town has something unique to offer and a lot of them are outside. Call ahead and see if they allow dogs to join in the fun!

As the leaves fall off the trees, we start raking them into piles for fall clean up. However, these piles can also lead to a lot more fun and photographic opportunity! Many dogs enjoy running through piles of leaves just as much as children. Just make sure the leaves are dry! 

As people begin to prepare for fall and for winter, there become a number of things that loving pet owners should be aware of for the safety of their animals:

  • Not to contradict the fun of playing in leaf piles but, if it’s rained or very humid, leaves can start to decompose and become host to a number of bacteria and mold that are not safe for pets or children.  Besides these dangers, also watch your yard for the growth of mushrooms and remove them quickly! Most mushrooms are toxic to ingest and now is the time of year they start to appear more frequently.
  • Watch were your pets go! Pay attention to public announcements of spraying for insects as pesticides are not pet (or human) friendly. Many people put down fertilizer and other chemicals on their lawn during this time of year so make sure to keep your pets off unfamiliar yards or walking in the brush along maintained trails that have notices of chemical spray. 
  • In addition to outside sprays for insects, some people still use moth balls in their closet to prevent moth damage to clothing or moth balls in storage bins. These are toxic for cats and dogs who might try to play with them or ingest them. A safer alternative is to use cedar wood hangers, or to place/hang cedar in pouches and keep it above animal height in the closet. Many local retailers now sell this alternative such as Lowes, Home Depot and Walmart.
  • Also during this time of year many families spray rodentcidies or put down bait traps that are toxic if our pets ingest. Pets can also become ill in the event they catch a poisoned rodent and ingest it.

  • With people doing their fall yard clean up and prepping their vehicles for winter, keep an eye on your pets to prevent them from drinking out of random puddles. This time of year we have to be careful of poisoning due to engine coolant, oil and other toxic spills.
  • Daylight hours are currently decreasing more and more, consider getting your pet a reflective collar or vest or one that lights up. They are not very expensive and can be purchased on most online websites for pets and amazon. These can be real life savers for your animals as in low lighting your pet might not be visible to a driver. If you are walking your dog on the road, stand between your dog and the traffic. A driver is more likely to see a human but your furry friend might be below their field of sight from the vehicle.
  • Heartworm! Make sure you dog is up to date on their heartworm, if they need a blood test now is the time to get it done and many of the preventative medications are a once a month chewable. It’s a simple way to protect your pet.
  • From now the temperature is going to only get cooler to cold out. If your dog normally gets shaved in the summer, it’s now time to let their coat grow in so they will have their full coat by winter. If you have a short hair dog, consider getting them a sweater or jacket just in case.  Our pets don’t enjoy being cold any more than we do.

Little Shelter does always encourages keeping cats indoors, they will live longer healthier lives and not be put at risk of getting hit by a car or attacked by wild predators. We do have Coyotes on Long Island as well as foxes. 

During this time of year these animals can present more of a threat for kitty as they try to bulk up a bit more before the coming cold. In addition cats are less likely to be seen by passing cars and accident rates go up around this time of year as the hours of darkness increase. Consider keeping your cat inside until late spring, or at least from dusk to dawn if you’re not ready to switch kitty to living indoors only.

There are many great opportunities to get out with your furry friends this season and create some wonderful memories. Just because the summer is over, doesn't mean the fun has to be and with these helpful tips we can keep our four legged loved ones safe. In the comments, post some of your favorite fall past times that your pet partakes in. We would love to see some photos! Or links to fur friendly activities to promote getting out there with your pet.

See you soon!